1,000 Words Worth

I have this thing about becoming overwhelmed. I’m not sure how the expectations or pressures seem to stack up, but they do, I feel like I’m failing somehow, and then I just shut down. Then, something happens to knock me out of my slump, I kick some productivity butt, and then the downward slope starts again. Maddening.

Lately, though, I’ve been able to counter the feelings of failure and shortcoming by focusing on the blessings I have. I “pause and reflect” (that’s for you, Tiff) and really try to soak in the moments going on right then, so I can be present and appreciative of what’s happeningĀ now, rather than fretting about what may or may not be in the future. As such, I take a lot of pictures. So, as “a picture is worth 1,000 words”, allow me to post the longest blog in history – using the stories of pictures.

Elsa and her ice gloves, watching some Veggie Tales
Elsa, holding on to her coronation items, with her ice gloves
Heston’s dedication, he reached his hand to my face, I kissed it, and our friend snapped this photo.
She’s wearing her “Instruction Thing” so she can give instructions.
At lunch she asked, “Want to take a picture of me praying?” Duh!!
He does this thing when he’s mad, where he tries to eat his right arm. Always his right arm, never his left.
Snuggling with me, so I went to take a picture, and she resorted to posing.
Gymnastics wore her out.
Gymnastics wore brother out, too.
He is not a snuggler, so this was extra special morning time!
My two favorite goofballs. Every time she hugged him, he would turn and look at me like, “Are you seeing this?”

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