Two weeks: Social Media Free

It’s been a couple of weeks since I said “so long” to social media, and I thought I would report with an update.

Within the first 36 hours of uninstalling everything from my phone, several social-media-sharing-worthy things happened. Naturally.

My chickens, for one, brutally murdered one of my pullets. I was devastated and so angry and was ready to play whack-a-hen with the shovel I had in my hands to clean up the crime scene.

The hens live, however… for now. It is about time for them to move to their new home in the freezer, especially since I’ve gone two days in a row only getting five eggs (from 12 hens). Some of them aren’t laying and some of them are eating the eggs that are laid. Soup’s on…

I’ve spent a lot of time the last couple of weeks writing letters to people and have even gotten a few surprise notes in the mail myself. It’s been fun and endearing to send and receive mail, and it’s something I hope continues. You just can’t beat handwritten communication.

My productivity has soared. I’ve accomplished more around the house and property than I have in a long while. There have been a few times I’ve thought, “this would make a great picture to share” or “this would be a powerful analogy to write about”, but all in all, I’ve been in the moment working on what needs to be done and finishing it much faster.

Every morning, I’ve been up early reading my Bible and enjoying my coffee. I’ve been making more hearty breakfasts for the family. I even found a recipe for soaked oatmeal pancakes, which are more filling than regular pancakes, and a little overnight fermentation does a body good.

Lunch is still a struggle… It seems the kids are always hungry for something before I am, and I’m almost always in the middle of a work project or a meeting when they’re ready for lunch. Most of the time they’ve made their own, either heating up hot dogs or leftovers or going delicatessen style with salami, cheese, and crackers.

Dinners have been hit or miss. I’m either too tired from all the work I’ve done during the day, or we have a three-course meal. Thankfully on the nights I’ve been too tired I’ve been able to throw something together fairly quickly and without much effort, but I always feel better about the day in general when I can plan on and execute a decent dinner. (We’ve also contributed to the grill a few doors down, helping them stay in business by ordering our favorite dishes of theirs for takeout…)

Overall, though, the day-to-day life without social media has been more of a remedy than a sacrifice. There has been an inner quiet, fueled by the quiet experienced by NOT scrolling. It seems so simple, yet it has proven to be so profound.

I can’t aptly describe the positive impact this has had on me. But I’m experiencing just that: an incredibly positive impact.

I would encourage you to write a letter today. Brighten someone’s mailbox and keep your communication skills polished up.

More than that, I would encourage you to put social media aside. Be intentional about talking to people, interacting with others, and focusing on your household. We’ve been so conditioned to our devices, we’ve neglected the blessing of what’s right in front of us.

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  1. Hi Val, I so enjoy reading about your journeys! I agree with you, the more I am not actively involved in keeping up with social media the more I am able to enjoy the simple but most important things in my life.
    Thank-you so much for stepping up, stepping out and paving the way to a better more enjoyable life.

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