Yesterday it turns out my platelet levels were low, which is concerning. After I found that out, and found out my protein was a tish high in my urine (ew, why do I share things like this?), I realized my labs from yesterday were not in fact as “fine” as I originally thought. If they weren’t fine again today, they would most likely have us deliver, as I wouldn’t be the most suitable host for our baby girl any longer. I was suspicious, though no one could confirm, that today would be a very busy day for us. I just knew that March 20th would be our daughter’s birthday.

I wanted to be sure to shower yesterday in case they wouldn’t let me before the c-section. I finally got word around 5:00 last night I could shower, sitting down, and for only 5 minutes. I had to scrub fast. I’ve never lathered so many creams so quickly! Shampoo, conditioner, soap, and face wash, washing, rinsing, and repeating. It was an intense 5 minutes, but it was a m a z i n g. What a difference a shower makes!! Though having to shower while sitting down, and in such short a time frame, is a heck of a workout!

Later in the evening I was getting really uncomfortable. I was having lots of braxton hicks contractions and they were pretty intense. My night nurse came in and gave me some Tylenol, and offered to rub my back. She didn’t have to ask me twice – I gave consent to that right away!! My chest was tightening as well, and a respiratory therapist came by to give me a breathing machine I am to use every one to two hours to help that.

I slept pretty well last night and was woken up twice to check my vitals. I heard the night nurse say, “Val, your blood pressure is great!” to which I gave a sleepy “good…!” reply. And then I dozed off again. Come to find out, she wasn’t just saying that. During the night my blood pressure was 115/59. DID YOU SEE THOSE NUMBERS?! Thank you, God!

This morning I was woken up so I could have my blood drawn for labs and prepare for the ultrasound. I was a little groggy, but this morning’s blood draw went a lot faster and was far less painful than yesterday’s. They were actually able to find an arm vein instead of having to draw from my hand – thanks to being taken off the IV yesterday and swelling going down. We waited a little longer for the ultrasound, but it was well worth it. Baby Girl’s amniotic fluid had actually slightly increased, and the umbilical cord diastolic pressure had improved. When my labs came back, the protein level was less than yesterday, and my platelets had gone back to the normal range. We were good to go for another day of being pregnant! Hallelujah! I was able to order breakfast (after being off food and liquids from midnight) and it was an amazing feeling. Fantastic news all the way around, and another day for our baby to bake in my belly. I was on cloud nine!

We got more pictures during the ultrasound, but Baby Girl was fast asleep. They couldn’t wake her, and though she stirred a bit, she was OUT! They wanted to monitor her breathing after the second steroid shot, but she wasn’t budging today. Her little lips were pouted, and her eyes were closed, and she just looked so sweet curled up in her awkward position!

Another worker from NICU came by with some information, encouragement, items to keep me busy (sane) while on bed rest, and Subway sandwiches (and cookies) for lunch! I mean really, this place is awesome! I took the pickles off my sandwich, but for the first time in my life, I left cucumbers on. I have to say it wasn’t terrible. Look how adventurous I am from this hospital bed!

I was happy and motivated enough to knit today, and even paid some bills online. Just a fantastic feeling of a day. We had more visitors today, and Brent met an entire crew of friends at the house, who were ready to assist clean things up and prep the nursery. I cannot even tell you how overwhelmed we’ve been with the sheer outpouring of support and the eagerness of others to help and encourage us. It’s so beyond our wildest dreams – never have we felt so loved, or so humbled, or been so appreciative!!

Earlier this evening there was a bit of a stress moment for me. They’ve been monitoring me and baby very closely every day throughout the day. Apparently her heartbeat wasn’t varying enough – it was staying too steady. Which, I just learned today, is abnormal for babies. There was a doctor consult, but they determined both baby and I are okay for the night, and they don’t need to deliver based on that information. It could be, especially since she’s still active, but was so sleepy earlier, that today is just a lazy day for her. We’ve both been through a lot in the last couple of days as it is, so it’s excusable. They’ll monitor us both again and it’s back to waiting and wondering based on the information from tomorrow’s labs and ultrasound.

I was able to take another five minute shower tonight, and bonus – put real clothes on! Well, real as in other than the bare-butt hospital gown. I have some stretchy cotton shorts, and one of Brent’s t-shirts. But everything that gives me more of a sense of normalcy is absolutely incredible. I feel so much better in “clothes” and with washed hair!!

Your prayers are being heard, and Brent and I are so touched and moved by everyone’s genuine and compassionate concern. This entire experience has been a real eye opener for us for so many reasons! God has been so good to us, and no matter what happens, we know our little girl is in His ever-loving hands. We are just trusting Him and relying on Him to do His work in this situation.

Today’s been a fantastic day – we’re hoping to make it until Monday – 33 weeks!! On Tuesday, my doctor will be back from Haiti. Every day she stays in my belly is another miracle day – and we’ll take all of them we can get!

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