{31 Days: Day 27} Keep Your Appetite

Every time my son gets hungry, he starts to cry. Getting him fed isn’t as easy a process as simply sticking a bottle in his mouth. Usually feeding time is also an indicator his diaper needs changed, so we take care of that first. Once everything is dry and comfy and my hands are clean, I search for a bib for him. Every single time, without fail, when I put the bib around his neck, he voraciously grabs it and sticks it in his mouth. He wiggles his eager, hungry head from side to side, trying desperately to taste and consume the bib. Every single time, I take it out of his mouth and struggle to get him to calm down enough to let me feed him.
As soon as the bib comes down, he shoves his hands in his mouth. He gnaws and slobbers all over them, and gets so upset when he realizes his hands aren’t what he was after, either. Finally, after fighting, struggling, and him shedding tears, he’s able to eat. He drinks his fill and sits back relaxed and satisfied.
Every. Single. Time.
Usually, when he sticks the bib in his mouth, I try to remind him that’s not what he’s after. The bib looks and feels nothing like his usual meal, yet he so eagerly tries to spoil his appetite with it. Same thing with his hands. Instead of letting me feed him, he gets too impatient, and tries to feed himself with whatever he can get in his mouth. Nutritional value is of no concern. He’s blinded by hunger, and believes if he can just get something in his mouth, it will all be better.
It can be so frustrating trying to feed him. I have his food ready and waiting, yet I have to pull his self-imposed obstacles out of the way before he’ll finally eat. 
It’s an interesting parallel to my own life. How many times do I get so impatient, I try to fulfill my desires and longings with whatever I can get my hands on? Whatever happens to be nearby? Yet none of them will satisfy. How frustrated must God be when all He’s trying to do is feed me, and I’m crying and blocking my heart?
Don’t waste a chance to savor. Don’t reach for junk to fill you up when a wholesome feast awaits. Even nibbling before it’s time to eat can spoil the entire meal being prepared for you. Take time in choosing what to feed your soul. The wait will be worthwhile, and your hunger will be exponentially rewarded. 

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