{31 Days: Day 4} Awesome Possum

One of my fans (okay, really it’s a friend who likes to give me a hard time, but still…) suggested I write for 31 days on “how awesome Val is.” It made me laugh. I could write for about 31 seconds, truth be told. I thought it would be fun, though, to share a little about myself – you know – since I so very rarely share anything on a personal level. Today we begin (and end) an interview with myself.
Q: What is up with your hair?
A: It’s all natural. Don’t be jelly. Haters gon’ hate.
Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Writing. (Surprise!) Knitting. Painting (I am a Gallery on the Go guide – call me for your painting party!). Speaking, emceeing – anything that gets me up in front of a crowd and not having to strike up small talk. I stink at small talk. Give me a microphone, and I’m on. Love it.
Q: What is your least favorite question to be asked?
A: “How many kids do you have?” I’ve birthed three, but I only got to keep two. If I say “3” and have to explain why only two are there, it makes them uncomfortable. If I say “2” and omit Harlynn, it makes me uncomfortable. I can’t win when asked this question. 
Q: If you could eat one food every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A: Homemade cheeseburger. And if Jeremy H. would give me his daggum patty recipe, I would be insisting to eat a homemade cheeseburger every day. Jeremy! Please! If I starve, it’s all your fault!
Q: Who is your biggest role model?
A: Probably my Great Grandma Vida – she was my favorite person on earth, and she died in 2006. I miss her terribly. Also, so many of the loss-parents I’ve met and befriended. They inspire me with their lives every single day.
Q: What is something you wish you were better at?
A: I totally stink at remembering song lyrics or lines from movies. I have to hear them a bajillion times, and then I still mess them up. My husband can listen to a song once, and pretty much sing it from memory. Same thing with watching a movie. Is this too shallow of a goal? I feel like maybe I’m undershooting my potential dreams here…

Q: Why do I get the feeling nothing in this post has anything to do with how awesome you are?
A: Because it doesn’t. I didn’t know what to do, and this was the best thing I could come up with. Blogging every single day is not what I’m used to, nor is interviewing myself. Get off my back. I think most everyone has stopped reading by this point anyway, so let’s get to the juicy stuff.

Q: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?
A: Persevering. It wasn’t easy, especially after losing Harlynn, to continue waking up each day. But I did. And because I did, a lot of good, big things happened. Harlynn’s Heart exists because I persevered. Little Man is here because I persevered. Memories are being made for my kids and husband because I persevered. Persevering sucked, but it was worth it. You’re reading this because I kept going. That is no small feat for me.
Q: What is your biggest regret?
A: Not taking a chance. I let so many opportunities go by because I didn’t think I was good enough, or I didn’t think I had it in me, or I was just plain lazy. If I had to do it over again, I would have taken more chances. The only thing I had to lose was the regret I have now.

Q: Something you wish others knew about you?
A: I am an INFJ. For reals.

Q: What is something others say about you that you don’t believe about yourself?
A: That I’m funny. I have to think so long and hard on things to say, I don’t think I’m witty or humorous at all. I LOVE making people laugh, but I am floored every single time someone actually does. I can tell a great story, but as far as just coming up with things off-the-cuff…well….I’m just glad others find me entertaining.

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