{31 Days: Day 8} With Thanksgiving

One of my favorite things to do every morning, is sit in my comfy spot with a piping hot cup of coffee, and watch the sun rising up over our neighborhood. I live in town surrounded by other houses, people, and general visual obstacles, but the view from my living room window is always one I enjoy. This morning, as I caught a glimpse of the sun shining down on the red maple leaves in our front yard, I caught my breath in my throat. “Thank you, Lord.” It was a phrase I had uttered several times already in the short time I had been awake. Hence today’s theme: gratitude.
This morning I got to sleep in a little and was woken up by Little Man cooing to himself (as in, not screaming, but being a content baby) in his crib. *Insert angel singing here* There is nothing sweeter than going in to retrieve an awake baby who is cooing and smiling and happy to see you. Thank you, Lord. I had oatmeal and berries this morning, and two cups of coffee, while he played contentedly with his rings and stuffed animals on his floor gym. My oatmeal was hot the entire time I ate it. I got to eat a hot breakfast! And drink two cups of coffee! Thank you, Lord. I had an email from someone wanting to book a painting party. Thank you, Lord. I got outside to take pictures of our maple tree and its leaves. The beauty I have directly out my front door is reason in itself to be thankful. I oftentimes can’t stand our house, or our neighborhood, or this or that about living here, then I’m reminded I have it pretty good. I have a home and we don’t have it so bad. Thank you, Lord.
The sun is shining. Because we’ve been immeasurably blessed by the generosity of others, my daughter is enjoying her day at preschool right now. My husband is working his tail off to provide for us. I’m expecting a phone call from an author who needs a side-kick employee, and that might be me! I’m still recalling takeaways from a women’s retreat I went on this past weekend that left my soul filled and renewed. I have a friend and business partner who has a heart of gold, and a sense of humor to die for. I have friends who care about me, about my family, about our well-being. I have family who care about the same. I have….I have….I have. Thank you, Lord.

It is so easy to get caught up in the stumbles of life. Things that don’t go right. Things others do wrong. Life after loss especially, is looked at through an entirely new set of lenses. Through those lenses, some things have lost their luster entirely. Then again, some things show beauty I’ve never seen before. If you’ve read any previous posts of mine, you’ll be familiar with my struggles with anxiety. Yet today, there is peace in my heart. Calm in my spirit. Hope in my soul. Thank you, Lord.
One more cup of coffee. One more glimpse of the red and golden maple tree. One more day to enjoy all in front of me. One more day closer to Harlynn. Thank you, Lord.

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