31 Days

As I was cruising through my Facebook feed one day, a friend and fellow loss-mom posted a link to her blog, asking what her audience would like to read. Piquing my interest, I dove a little deeper to see why she was asking. This is how I came across the 31-Day-Challenge. If this doesn’t have, “Val you have to do this” all over it, then I don’t know what would.
The premise is: you choose a topic, and you write – every single day of October – about it. Two sentences, two pages – doesn’t matter. You just write. As someone who is generally shy and stonewalled in the way of being wordy (I kid…obviously…), I had a bazillion-and-three topics swimming in my mind. Therefore, I did the same thing my friend did. I turned to my audience for help.
On my Mind Mumbles Facebook page, I posed the same question, and got some wonderful answers. Initially, I thought I would settle on personal growth, and even made a cute little button picture for it. As I read through the answers that were appearing, however, (and kudos to Ali for being in my head and also suggesting growth), I had a different idea.
I don’t think I’m breaking or even bending the rules, because they’re pretty broad. I do think I’m taking a little bit of creative liberty with my choices here, though. I’ve chosen to write about….drum roll….”soul food.”
No, this won’t be about food at all. No recipes, no Trim Healthy Mama reviews, no fried chicken. This will be purely about food for the soul. Whatever gives it depth, whatever lifts it up, whatever the soul needs to be grounded in its faith-roots, is what I will be focusing on each day. 
Beginning October 1st, and every day for the entire month, I will be writing about something with which to feed the soul. My soul. Your soul. If you have any ideas or interests, feel free to go to that same post on my Mind Mumbles Facebook page and add your topic. I just might incorporate it with the rest. 
This post you’re reading now will be my link-up post, and each day, I’ll edit this to make my list linking to that day’s post. Follow? Speaking of following, if you don’t yet follow my blog – it’s really simple. You can subscribe and receive posts via email by adding your email address over there in the right side panel. You can also sign up as a follower, and you of course can “like” the Mind Mumbles page on Facebook to get all the updates and questions in which I seek your counsel. 
And because I’m super proud of my first-ever button creation, here’s what it looks like. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I just might be a creative genius.

2 Replies to “31 Days”

  1. I swear I sent a comment and It's not showing up! Anyway, so glad you're participating!!! I think I finally settled on a topic. Getting excited to start and prepping for the month. Can't wait to read your series.

  2. Kelly, I'm so glad you posted about it! I am really excited to read your October posts, and know whatever you've chosen (suspense!!) will be gold. You absolutely have a way with words. I'll be cheering in your corner! In between typing, that is. 🙂

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