Spring 2023

One day spring will come. And we’ll be ready, by golly.

We had a blizzard last Friday. Fourteen inches of fresh snow blew across our hilltop like it was shot through a pressure washer.

Then, believe it or not, 11 more inches of snow and another blizzard arrived four days later.

Hilltop Homestead: Taken April 5th, 2023
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Spring Forward: A Comeback

I took an accidental seven-month hiatus from publishing blog posts. My website broke, I didn’t feel like dealing with it, Hubs fixed it, and voila! That about catches you up to speed.

But now we’re in a new season, a new ebb and flow of day-to-day living. We’re also in that sweet spot of the calendar where winter and spring duke it out continuously until spring finally becomes victorious.

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Country Life: We Do Things Differently

We live in the country. Sure, we can see the small neighboring town from our hilltop. And we can see the town 13 miles to the east. And from the back of our tree row, we can see the town 25 miles to the north.

The horizon stretches pretty far out here in the wide open South Dakota country.

Even though we can see quite a distance, however, we don’t expect to be seen. Let me explain.

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