A Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…. is the song ringing through your head yet? I’ve been doing some thinking, and while my thoughts are random, chaotic, and incomprehensible by anyone other than myself, one thing I was able to pick out of them was to share some things that I like. So…I’m your Midwestern Oprah here to give away……..wait for it…………suggestions!  Free! For everybody! Yes indeed – these are my favorite things, and maybe they’ll be yours too. 
It’s been a long winter. By all accounts, we should be halfway through March with warmer temperatures, but instead we’re battling wind-chill advisories, flurries, and dry, bitter cold. This pictures says it best:

Today I had a little flurry of my own – actual desire to clean. I call it a flurry, because it didn’t last long and wasn’t entirely effective, but it made enough of a difference to lift my spirits. I have said before I’m a self-proclaimed hippie. By that, I mean I take measures to make sure my family is safe from unnecessary chemicals, hormones, raunchy entertainment, or items that are otherwise illicit within my frame of mind. I like simple, I like clean, and I like safe. This brings me to favorite thing #1: New Cleaning Supplies.
That’s right. I love new cleaning stuff because it motivates me to keep cleaning. And when I find something I can get behind, that cleans my home, and doesn’t make me sick from fumes, I’m going to share it as a favorite thing. First, check out my friend Tracy’s post about February’s awesome Shaklee deal. Then go ahead and subscribe to and follow her updates on tricks and tips to be a Shaklee queen.
You can also check out my friend Jennifer’s Norwex stash if you’re a Norwex believer (or even if you don’t know if you are yet).We have several of their cloths – I take my makeup off every day with the face cloth, and Brent has hijacked one to clean his glasses with. That habit of his is not one of my favorite things, just to be clear.

I remember when I was single, and a ridiculous neat-freak. I would use diluted ammonia to clean my floors. And it would make me nearly sick every. single. time. Now, I can clean, be confident my home and everything in it is germ-free, and have the assurance I won’t be inhaling toxic fumes, nor will my precious little people. 
On to favorite thing #2: reading. I am a reader, when I can be. I’ve read many good books, and many not-so-good books. I’ve been trying to read books specific to where I am on my grief journey after losing Harlynn, and this one I couldn’t put down. Have you read it yet? It didn’t speak to me like I expected it to. I was expecting more of a description of where Harlynn is, and what she’s experiencing. Instead I was opened to a world of confession, repentance, forgiveness, and grace. It was overwhelming, but incredible. It’s not for the faint-of-heart. If you’re looking for an intense look into the real-life story of someone who’s willing to share it, this is the book for you. It’s called Waking Up In Heaven.
Next…who doesn’t love to save money? I can tell you, our budget isn’t what it used to be, and therefore we’re very grateful and appreciative for tools and resources that help us manage our monies. This next one combines that favorite thing along with my favorite thing #3: cooking. Every week we’re sent a menu, a shopping list, and we save boatloads. We don’t end up throwing food away. We can tweak the recipes any way we need to in order to make them more fitting for our family’s tastebuds. We’ve not been disappointed, and we’ve been subscribing to them for seven years. Definitely a favorite at our house, and soon to be yours. E-meals. Go browse their menu and grocery store options. They have something for everyone, and I promise you, it is worth your while. You’re welcome.
I’m not done yet. Can you even handle it?! I have horrible, awful, irreparable dry skin. It’s gross, but it’s me, and there’s not much I can do about it. Except Butter Butt. Yes, I said “butt”. Butt…don’t hold it against me. Favorite thing #4: Butter Butt. This stuff is pretty sweet. My mother gave some to me as a gift and then I ended up ordering a bunch when it was gone. I put it on my face every day, and not only does it manage my dry skin, but it counters the oils in my face, too. I have silky-smooth cheeks (the face kind….) and I love this stuff. It’s pretty hippie…like, a lot more than me, but it works. And it’s legit.
Even numbers are also my favorite, so I’ll stop at four. Of course this list doesn’t include the obvious: snuggles from Haley, vanilla lattes, knitting, or rainbow chip frosting – but I can’t really share those so much as I can the other gems listed above. And before you say it, no, I cannot share rainbow chip frosting. Mostly because Betty Crocker decided to discontinue it, and I have joined a Facebook group to bring it back. You should do the same, because it is the best frosting in the universe, and this pregnant lady needs it. I’m off now, to go knit with my little snuggler…
Betty…I need this….

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  1. I got you started on cleaning but not so much any more. I definitely did not get you started on cooking and I didn't know they're not making that frosting anymore!

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