And Here We Are

It was August 26th, almost one month to the day that had been so hard for me in July. Brent woke me up so we could go to the gym and work out. I told him I was too bloated, and too PMS-y to go work out, and just wanted to sleep. He was okay with that. When I finally couldn’t sleep any longer and had to get ready for work, I went downstairs to shower. For whatever reason – and I really don’t know why – I grabbed a pregnancy test on my way in to the bathroom.

Upon taking the test, up came the line I had become all too familiar with – not pregnant. I set the test on the counter and went about getting showered. After my shower was done, I pulled back the curtain and saw the test there on the counter. As Brent’s cousin, Travis, is living with us as he attends college, I thought I had better throw the test away before he could get a look at what it was. I picked it up and started to dangle it over the trash when something caught my eye. There it was, although faint, a second line. Two lines. Pregnant.

“OH MY GOSH!” I didn’t know how to react or what to think as I headed upstairs to rouse Brent from bed. “Brent? I need you to take a look at this.” Brent fumbled around for his glasses and put them on to see what was needing his attention. He took the stick. “Huh….”

I started laughing. Then crying. Then laughing again. Brent needed more proof than a faint line and suggested I wait a few more days before taking another test. I couldn’t tell anyone….yet.

Saturday morning I got up and grabbed a second test. Immediately two lines appeared, and neither of them faint. This was real. This was for sure. Even Brent was convinced this time – pregnant. We started to refer to the little bean in my belly as “Ziggy” (nicknamed from the word Zygote), and both of us couldn’t wait to see what the road ahead had in store for us.

The very next Wednesday I flew to Portland for my nephew’s first birthday. I had the opportunity to break the news to my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandfather – in person. My sister already knew since I broke the news to her on the same day I took test #2. I sat on my sister’s sofa knitting a hat. My Aunt D and Uncle G came in and asked what I was knitting. “A hat for Ziggy.” “Who’s Ziggy?” I smiled – “Ziggy is in my belly.”

I felt like a rockstar. I had no physical ailments other than the sore, tender “girls”. That, and I was hungry all the time. Eating every two hours, and then some. If this is all being pregnant was about – why on earth did I wait so long to do it? Piece of cake!

I came home from my trip and two days later, I had my first experience with “morning sickness.” What a misleading title. It lasted ALL DAY! Scratch that, it lasted for a solid 12 days! Constant nausea, the throw-up-in-your-mouth episodes, the thought of food disgusted me, but I was still so hungry. All the time. I would feel good for five minutes, and lousy for the other 23 hours and 55 minutes of the day. I had three good days where I felt like my rockstar self again, and then I developed new issues. Being pregnant is not for wimps.

Here we are, approaching week 9, and the cat is finally out of the bag as public knowledge. I’m nearing the end of the first trimester and am appreciating every little detail – even the not so pleasant parts. I can’t even leave my house to go to work today, as I’m afraid to venture more than 20 feet from my bathroom. As uncomfortable as it all is, I’m still appreciating every moment.

Brent has been an absolute super-husband. He has taken care of me during times when even I’m annoyed by my ailments and whining. He made a 2:00 a.m. store run for some Pepto. He’s rubbed my feet. He’s cooked. He’s cleaned. He’s perfect. :o) I have always known he would make an outstanding father, and have always appreciated how he is an outstanding husband. I don’t know how I would make it some days, without him there to help me through.

I still felt like I needed to share July’s story, since it was such an integral part of August’s story. Had those events not taken place, I would not have been emotionally, mentally, or spiritually prepared for August 26th. Isn’t it funny how God teaches? And that he cares enough to prepare me in that way?

The approximate due date is May 3rd. It seems like a long time off, but I know it will go by so quickly. In the meantime I’m glorifying God, and being extra thankful for sugar-free fruit popsicles (they have saved my life!). Time for me to get cracking on more baby knitting!

Here are some specific things you can pray for:
~ That Brent would find a job with a sense of fulfillment, and enough income to sustain us so I can stay home.
~ That we would be able to raise this child to know and experience the truth and love of God
~ For a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby.

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  1. Val! I'm so happy and excited for you! We are 5 weeks apart! Oh I wish you lived closer so I could hug you and rub bellies! (OK does that seem weird? lol) I will keep you, Brent and Ziggy in my thoughts and prayers! This is such wonderful news! And girl, I hear ya about the morning, noon and night sickness….as I like to call it. I didn't have it bad with Christian, but whew this time around it was tough! *Hugs tight, but not too tight* 😉

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