April 2023 Mind Mumbles

This blog is called Mind Mumbles for a reason. I publish written explanations of the short-form thoughts that roll through my mind.


Oftentimes, I will not publish a post because there are so many thoughts swarming through my mind, it’s hard for me to pick one to flesh out into a readable post.

That certainly was [almost] the case this week. Until I decided, moments ago, to embrace the roots of this blog, to begin with. So this is a post of some of the mumbles that have floated through my mind recently.

Mind Mumbles Defined

I define mind mumbles as just that: mumbles (incomplete, sometimes even incoherent) ideas and thoughts that enter (and stay or exit) my mind. Words, sentences, entire conversations. Things I think about or experience or recall.

Recent Mind Mumbles

  • I’ve come to the realization every decision we need to make presently and in the near future has to be weighed against two things:
    A) Does this align with God’s Word and
    B) Will this help us dump our debt as swiftly as possible?
  • Our homeschool year is almost over, but my guilt for how not-perfect our school year has gone really weighed on me.
  • Guilt in this case is a tool of the devil, and therefore, I rebuke it. I also use my freedom from it as motivation to do even better next year, and in the years to come.
  • We have eggs hatching in about a week. This is exhilarating and terrifying. I could almost get emotional about the miracle of life just inside these eggs in our incubator. These will be 100% home-raised chicks. This is amazing.
  • I have never been so determined – not motivated, determined – to grow as much food as humanly possible on our hilltop homestead this season. I might really hate myself come this fall when I’m losing sleep trying to preserve it all. But right now, it is a hyper-focus of mine. Grow. All. The. Food.
  • I have been reading through the book of Genesis. The very foundation of the Bible shows how insane/corrupt/sinful mankind has been since the beginning of time. There really is nothing new under the sun. In a weird way, it’s encouraging for today. The Lord will prevail.
  • We’re going to be planting trees, bushes, flowers (and garden starts) really soon. It won’t all be food-producing, but it will lend to a goal I have to make this hilltop homestead ours. I can’t tell you the joy it brings when I think about our future grandkids coming out here enjoying the shade or fruit from trees we planted in 2023.

Closing Mumbles

We’ve got a lot going on right now. A lot of things to think through, work through, plan through. A lot going on to narrow down so we have a handful of things to focus on or commit to rather than an armful.

This could easily be an overwhelming season in our lives.

But I’m excited about what we’re doing. Clarity on what steps we need to take has not been hard to come by, and for that, I’m especially thankful.

Things might be complicated or challenging for this season, but only because it’s paving the way for the best days ahead of us.

With homemaking, homeschooling, work, homesteading – our best days are ahead of us. I’m sure of it.

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