October Azure Standard Haul

I might be the next up and coming YouTube star.

Probably not, but here’s the latest video of my Azure Standard haul, my long ride on the struggle bus, and the chaos at the end of a very – very – long day.

Heartway Farms Baked Oatmeal: https://youtu.be/CU9AVniXb6k
(Subscribe to their channel – one of my favorite families on YT!)

Shop from Azure Standard: https://www.azurestandard.com/?a_aid=…

Azure Market Organics Hard White Wheat, Organic 5 lb 6.88
Oregon’s Wild Harvest Chaste Tree, Organic 90 caps 8.76
Azure Husbandry Apples, In Season, Juice Grade, Organic 20 lb 28.50
NW Ferments Water Kefir Starter Kit 1 kit 19.62
Azure Market Organics Paprika Powder, Smoked, Organic 1 lb 9.43
Azure Market Dill Weed 4 oz 6.22
Azure Market Dill Seeds, Whole 1 lb 4.90
Red Star Yeast, Dry Active 2 lb 8.49
Twin Lab Magnesium Caps 200 caps 14.24
Alvarado Street Bakery Sprouted Wheat Bagels, Frozen, Organic 2 x 20 oz 7.44
Azure Market Organics Coconut Oil, Expeller Pressed, Organic 1 gal 23.60
Azure Market Organics Maple Syrup, Grade A Dark Robust, Organic 1 gal 59.35
Azure Market Organics Milk Chocolate Chips, Dark, Vegan, Organic 5 lb 32.68
Nutiva Coconut Oil, Buttery Refined, Organic 3 x 14 floz 19.84
Nature’s Alchemy Lemon Essential Oil 0.5 floz 6.62
Azure Market Organics Coconut MCT Oil, Organic (C8 & C10 Blend) 32 floz 18.95 Alexandre Family Farm Heavy Whipping Cream, A2, 40%, Pasture Raised, Organic 6 x 12 floz 23.72
Azure Market Blueberries, Whole, Natural, Frozen 5 lb 11.76
Azure Market Organics Semolina (Durum Wheat) Flour, Ultra-Unifine, Organic 5 lb 6.44

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