The Bears Are Back

The bears are back. I tried to find a post I’ve written about this before, but apparently I’ve never published one. Or my searching skills are bogus.

For as many years as I can remember, I’ve had dreams involving bears.

The Bear Dreams

This is generally how it plays out, each time. The bears are always trying to force their way in to my personal space, whatever building I’m in at the time. They’re always mission driven to accomplish one feat: steal my food.

I’m always fighting the bear off however possible, and only barely escaping serious injury.

A while back I had a dream where I overcame the bear, defeated it, and it ran away. That was the first time ever I had dreamed I “won” against the bear.

Then the bear dreams disappeared for a time.

They’re back, however. Same plot line, different settings, different circumstances. But they’re trying to force their way at me, and make away with my food.

The Most Recent Bear Dream

Last night I had another bear dream involving a mama black bear and two cubs, along with two other adult black bears. These bears were aggressive, even the cubs. They were attacking our vehicle as I was loading up the family (and the food) and at one point, all I had to defend myself against them was a Carhart jacket. The zipper inflicted enough of a sting (annoyance?) that they backed off and I was able to get to safety.

Before, I used to wake up from these dreams and think, “another bear dream…” Now, however, I wake up and long to know the meaning of them.

What does it mean? Why have I had so many of these dreams (for going on two decades now)? Why is the theme always the same, but the dream always different?

The dream I had where I defeated the bear had me waking up feeling triumphant. I felt like the “curse” of the bear dreams had been lifted from me. Then I started having them again and honestly, I don’t know what to make of them.

This particular bear dream came on the heels of a dream I had where I was being stalked by a mountain lion, and also had to save a little girl who was completely unaware and oblivious of the looming danger. She didn’t want to listen to my urgent pleas for her to come with me to safety, and we only escaped in the nick of time.

So Many Questions

I once had a pastor who interpreted a dream I had, and years later (over a decade), his interpretation was revealed as truth. What he had answered about my dream ended up being the result.

I know dreams can be interpreted (there are plenty of Biblical examples!) and I’m wondering if mine have any deeper meaning than somehow bears are deeply embedded in my unconscious mind, and I’m very protective of my chips.

I’ve never had a recurring dream in the sense that I dream the same thing multiple times. This bear situation is as close as I’ve come to a recurring dream.

I think dreams are powerful, and can prompt us to do – or know – significant things.

But this bear dream situation has me stumped. What is it about and why do I keep dreaming about bears?

They’re always trying to enter into the buildings where I am – it rarely takes place outside, though that has happened in two of the dreams that I can remember. They’ve come in through doors, windows, and even through walls. They’re destructive in their entrance, they’re always super aggressive, and they’re always after my food.

I can’t figure it out, and I’m not at a mental capacity to spend more energy seeking an answer. Instead, I’m listening to Andrea Bocelli and trying not to get choked up for how beautiful a voice the man has.

So the bears are back. And as I’ve been posting (and thinking) more about food lately, it really makes me wonder.

So if you happen to have a gift for interpreting dreams… I’m all bears.

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  1. My thoughts are that you have a past experience were you felt like someone or something stole a part of your being/soul. Something you haven’t truly dealt with yet. It could be many years ago, something you have stuffed far away in your psychic. An experience that really scared you to a similar fright that a bear invading your space would cause.

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