Best Week Ever Wind Down

Winding up the best week ever, and what a ride it has been! Thursday Brent and I joined up with some friends, M & D, and headed downtown for Corks and Canvas. We enjoyed galleries, eateries, and shops that had featured artists and refreshments. I saw some fabulous decorating ideas, that I just might share with you here in a bit. We had such a great time and fell in love with our downtown all over again. I sampled some absolutely divine cheese, juicy sweet grapes, and crispy crackers. I saw art I really appreciated and some I didn’t quite understand. I also had a fabulous decaf latte from Atomic Coffee. Mmmmm. (It was 8:00 p.m. ~ decaf was in order.)

Yesterday I ended the work week and headed to the ballpark to get my game on. My friend H accompanied me and we had a BLAST! The game was fantastic – the Redhawks won in an intense high-scoring game. H and I laughed and cheered and had a fantastic, relaxing time. Then, to top it all off, there was a great fireworks show after the game! The best part was watching the fireworks, while there was a lightning show a few miles directly behind them. It was amazing.

Today I’ve been doing some cleaning here and there but am really enjoying the super-warm temperature outside, and even squeezed in some reading and knitting today. Fabulous! Brent and I are going to another baseball game tonight and are going to enjoy some side-by-side sports-watching quality time!

Back to the ideas I saw at Corks and Canvas! These ideas are well worth implementing – trust me. I thought of so many people that night thinking, “Oh this would work great in so-and-so’s house.” Here are a couple of the ideas I loved!

What a fantastic idea to create a seascape ambiance, no matter how near or far you are from the coast!

Stamped fabric flags, threaded with ribbon – can’t you see this as a great wall decor, or window treatment accent?

And finally, a home-grown implementation I didn’t need to see downtown – a little bit of tranquility from my yard to my table. It’s made eating so much more pleasant!!

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