“But will they know?”

I’ve been updating here and there about our move, the ups and downs of it all, and the blessing of being able to move closer to family, work from home, etc.

As I was thinking about it all today, though, one question ran through my mind. Sure you know the updates about the situation, but am I sharing the principle basis of it all?

In the book of John when Jesus was presented with a blind man, those around Him asked “who sinned, this man or his parents?” Essentially meaning, whose fault is it – who did the wrong – that he ended up blind as a consequence?

Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned” (meaning, nothing they did caused this result) “but this happened so the works of God might be displayed in him.”

So why are we moving? Why did the first house we started to purchase fall through? Why did we find an awesome property closer to family? Why/how are all these factors in our situation working the way they are?

So the works of God might be displayed.

This entire situation – from the moment Hubs came upstairs and said, “So where do you want to move?”, to the moment we thought we were moving to the Black Hills, to the fallout that happened in that purchase, to the stress and strain of trying to find another home in a race against time, to the amazing people we’ve met, to the heartache and struggles we’ve encountered – – God’s hand has been involved in every piece of it. Every piece.

And here’s what I want to make known, and be sure I’m sharing: Nothing that happens to us or for us (or even because of us) is beyond God’s hand. His power, His might, His grace… it’s all more than anything we can do ourselves.

Everything going on in our country and in our world right now is not lost on me. This world is so much bigger than me, and the Lord’s blessing goes so far beyond my situation.

But that’s just it – that’s what I want you to know. I’m a little fish in a big sea, and He cares for even me.

With everything going on, with every struggle or challenge we’ve faced, with every victory, and with every setback – nothing happens that He cannot reveal His glory in.

So why are we moving? Why were we able to buy an amazing house on an amazing property? Why were we able to find it at just the last possible moment, and move just close enough to family?

Because the Lord is Almighty.

Because He cares for us.

Because He is.

So when you think of me, when you think about our move, or anything we’ve gone through past or present – when you think of Harlynn – think of the Lord’s grace and might.

Because what matters more than you knowing what we’ve been through or what we’ve experienced, is that you know Jesus is for you.

We are free because He is risen.

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