The Chickens Came Before The Eggs

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“Mama, you HAVE to blog about this!”

That was Little Miss’ reaction when I came in from letting the chickens out that morning carrying seven eggs in the fold of my shirt.

It was my first morning back after an extended work stay in Dallas, and I got up to let the chickens out and resume my responsibilities at Big House on a Little Prairie.

As they came rushing out the coop door for their food, I reached out to pet a few as I always do. They did something different this time, however. They squatted down (which is what I’ve come to know as being “rooster ready” – whoa…).

Upon noticing this, I tried to pet as many as I could to see how many hunched down, and it was at least half of them.

I stood up with a quizzical look on my face and thought, “I should check the coop….”

We weren’t expecting them to lay until early July, when they’d be beyond 16 weeks old. It would have been ahead of schedule, but a welcomed early start for sure.

I walked in the coop and took a look around. Sure enough, in the back corner, there was a nesting spot with six eggs. They were all perfect. Perfect color, perfect shape. I almost thought they were fake. I found another one just beyond their roosting bar, and added it to the fold of my shirt to join the collection of the rest.

Seven eggs. How many days had they been there? I had been gone for six days, and I had checked the coop the day before I left, just to be sure. There was nothing in there June 18th. Here it was June 25th and there were seven eggs.

It was thrilling, really, finding those eggs inside the coop. Granted, we were really behind with getting nesting boxes installed but thankfully the hens knew just what to do, had a cozy little corner spot, and laid perfect little starter-eggs.

I was in awe a bit. I had been gone for six days and not only did the growth in the garden explode, but the chickens were laying! (Maybe going away for a while is a good thing…)

This had been a dream-come-true. Once again, a dream I really started to take seriously while living in… wow, I don’t even want to say it – the apartment – had finally taken shape.

Chickens. Eggs. Garden. We’ve got our own little production here, and I couldn’t be happier.

That night, after everyone else had gone to bed, I sat on the sofa and looked out at my favorite view of the front yard, feeling content and thankful.

In that reflection I was reminded, once again, God knows best. No matter what we dream about, or what we think we really want, He is the One who absolutely knows best.

He knew we would make the wrong decision if we rushed into buying another home after ours sold. He knew this house would be perfect for us if only we had to wait for it.

He knew the neighbors we needed, and for that matter, he knew the neighbors our neighbors would need.

He knew the garden we would plant (and the mistakes I would make and learn from) and the harvest we would reap from it.

He knew the 12 precious chicks we would get from Tractor Supply (on a total whim, because we had planned to order from a hatchery), and He knew the very day they would begin laying eggs.

He knew it all, and as I was throwing my tantrums of impatience and acting before thinking, He had it all in the palm of His hand already.

To think of all the “almost”s. The house(s) we almost bought. The plans we almost made. The deviations from the dream we almost settled for. All the times we almost gave up.

But God was faithful, and here we are, in contentment and gratitude. With eggs.

I love that Little Miss was so excited about my find in the coop, and I love that her reaction was to tell me I HAD to blog about it. It’s a real treat when your kids get excited about the things that are going on around them.

I have to say, I get pretty excited about blogging and eggs, too…

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