Cry Baby

Oh goodness. I have to share what just happened before I share what I was going to actually share. Haley was just going potty before her bath and told her daddy she had a lot of pee. She actually had just gone moments before, so didn’t really go all that much. Then I hear daddy say, “you over estimated your pee-ness.”
…..”that came out wrong.”

I’ll give you a little while to stop laughing. I’m still cracking up.

At this point it doesn’t even matter what I was going to share, because what just happened is way funnier. Where was I? What was I going to say? Give me a minute…

We are in the middle of yet another North Dakotan cold snap. The temperatures have been ridiculously cold (it was -23 this morning when I was driving to work, and that doesn’t include the wind chill) and we’ve gotten a bit of snow on top of that. Imagine my surprise when I could race home and still have enough time to order groceries so they’ll be delivered TONIGHT! Gosh I love this town. However, I’m hoping we don’t have the same catastrophe we had earlier. Allow me to explain.

As you’re very aware (and pray for my husband, because no one is more aware than him), I am extremely hormonal during this pregnancy. I can cry at a moment’s notice. Or no notice. Just cry. I’ll laugh so hard I start crying, even. Actually crying, not just eye-watering-from-laughing-cry. Actual crying. Usually the culprit of my tears is raw, unabashed, seething anger. I just get pissed. I mean equivalent to sheer rage. Mad. So I cry. The following was no exception.

It had been a great day at work. I have good days and bad days, but I don’t often have great days. I picked Haley up from daycare and she was cute as a button the entire drive home. However, it was snowing to beat the band outside, and the snow was falling on top of a layer of ice – so the roads were scary, but not near as scary as the other people out and about driving on them. I had gotten a text from Brent about how yucky the roads were, so left work a few minutes early to try to stay ahead of the rush-hour traffic crowd. I was excited in a way, because for the first time in a long time, Brent was going to be home when we got home, and we could spend the evening staying in from the cold. We had ordered our groceries online and selected the pick-up option. Brent had picked them up after work and brought them home. Splendid!

I pulled in to the driveway, opened the garage, and saw that it was empty. I started to get irritated. Why? Because my husband was MIA during rush hour traffic on a horrible night to be out MIA in rush hour traffic. I told Haley Daddy wasn’t home, and she responded by crying. I might be rubbing off on her a little bit.

We got inside and I see I had a text message that Brent decided to go to the hardware store and would be right back. “It better be freaking life-or-death important if he went out to a hardware store” I told myself.

I saw groceries on the table and started going through them when I saw something I did not order. Lite chocolate syrup. I also saw something I did order – a giant bottle of regular chocolate syrup. “What the…?” I started thinking and checked the receipt to see why I had two bottles of chocolate syrup. Then it dawned on me. I was missing the bottle of lite maple syrup I ordered. I checked my order history and next to lite syrup was written “out” and they subbed with lite chocolate syrup. I ORDERED MAPLE SYRUP.

Let me just explain to you that sometimes after working a full day and bringing home an energetic toddler, this preggo doesn’t feel like throwing together a three course meal. Sometimes a woman just needs to have her french toast for dinner. With syrup. This was one of those nights. I was planning on brinner. (Breakfast for dinner = brinner) Now I had no maple syrup and there was no way I was going to put chocolate syrup on french toast. Let’s not get weird.

As I’m figuring this all out I hear, “MMmmm, this is yummy!” I look over and see Haley has helped herself to an apple. No big deal, I’m glad she likes apples, but I hadn’t washed the apples, and I’m a little OCD about that. Plus we had a talk about helping herself – she needs to ask first if she can have food. Especially since I was trying to figure out what we were going to do for dinner.

Time….lots and lots of time….passed by. My husband was still MIA, it was snowing and blowing outside, and I heard sirens every few minutes. This was stressing me out, on top of not having my maple syrup, and my daughter eating unwashed fruit.

Finally, nearly an hour and a half later, my husband came home. I had texted him about the maple syrup ordeal. He asked me if I called the store and I answered, “No, because I’m too upset to talk about it” (without crying is what that statement implied). I was happy he was home, but mad he went out in the ridiculous weather. To buy a different snow shovel. I was really really mad about the maple syrup. While our little exchange was taking place, Haley deserted the 2/3 of the apple she had started eating, and grabbed another apple to take a bite out of.

I started crying.

Brent looked at me like I had just run through an executive board meeting, naked, singing “Do your ears hang low?”

He started defending the shopper saying because I had in fact ordered chocolate syrup, he could see why there would be confusion. I cut him off because I did not care, I JUST WANTED MAPLE SYRUP. Like I ORDERED.

Brent left the room and called the store to explain the mistake. I cried some more. Haley asked if she could give me a hug. Brent asked, “Are you okay?” and I thought he was talking to Haley when I heard him pause and continue, “Mommy?”

“I just need a minute” I squeaked.

Finally we ate dinner – beef biscuits – and I sat at the table holding my head. “Does your head hurt?” Brent asked.
“No. I just need to cry for like 45 minutes.” I answered.
“Well then…can’t help you there.”

I went to bed early. I slept hard. I was still a little sensitive the next day, and not willing to admit that I was upset for silly reason(s) the night before.

And I still didn’t have my daggum maple syrup.

I recovered, and I’ve managed to go this long without brinner. But it’s been rough, and involved a night of pizza to get by. I can tell you if the delivery shows up tonight and there is no maple syrup, I might need to be committed.

…but then I’ll remember someone over estimating their pee-ness, and I’ll laugh so hard I’ll cry….like actual crying…

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