Daunting Dawn…

Remember how (just yesterday) I posted, so poetically, about how December had filled my spirit with a sense of purpose, and I was so excited it was here?

This morning… I still don’t know exactly what happened.

I filled the coffee pot with water. I poured said water into the coffee maker. I went to put the lid on the coffee pot, and the next thing I knew… shards of coffee pot glass covered my counter, and the carafe had a gaping, jagged-glass hole in the bottom of it.

I stared. I tried to convince myself that what I saw was not really what was happening. That I did not mysteriously break the coffee carafe and that I would be able to push the buttons and make my brew.

But the glass just sat there, broken.

“Are you kidding me….” I finally blurted.

It was with those words Hubs was convinced I needed help, and he joined me in the kitchen.

He ended up cleaning up the broken glass and disposing of the evidence while I dug our backup (a French Press) out of the storage closet, gave it a good wash, and got to work making coffee.

Praise the Lord, my prepper self had a backup.

I have long-since adopted the mindset of “two is one, one is none.” This morning proved my efforts to have a backup are worthwhile.

Also, I have been a “closet prepper” for a long time. I don’t mean I keep things in the closet, though that was the case in our last house. I mean I was never prone to admit I was a prepper.

Just like I swore I would never homeschool, because homeschoolers are strange, I’m not a prepper because preppers… are also strange.

But here I am homeschooling and prepping.

I would like to clarify a thing or two, however. I’ve seen some of the prepper YouTube channels. They can be downright disturbing. I don’t take my family camping in the woods so we can practice bug-out drills. I don’t have food or gas cans buried in various locations across the countryside. I don’t live in fear of the end, and I don’t “prep” for zombies or apocalypses.

We live on a hilltop homestead, 25 miles from the nearest town. We can’t simply hop in the car and drive down the street to the store for provisions or to restock this or that. It takes careful planning and a bit of strategy to know what we need, how much, and for how long.

We have winter weather, mechanical issues (what if the car won’t start or the garage door is frozen shut?), that we need to be thinking of on top of the distance we live from town and our limited item availability.

Plus, when we work from home and school from home, we don’t have the luxury of just swinging by somewhere “on the way home”. We’re already home.

So what do we do, exactly? How am I a prepper?

If you go back to this post about creating a pantry, you’ll get a good idea of what I try to keep on hand.

“But Val, if you’re a prepper, and you’re doing this pantry challenge, aren’t you afraid you’re going to run out of food?”

Well… no. The purpose of the pantry challenge is to be purposeful and resourceful, to make sure we don’t have any waste, but rather – we use what we have.

When we plant a garden in the spring and summer, we’re doing it to grow and provide food that will carry us through to the end of the next growing season.

When we buy meat from a butcher, we buy an animal at a time, not simply a meal at a time.

When we think about having the staples on hand, we buy ingredients to make the staples. I don’t buy tortillas, I make them. I don’t buy biscuits, I make them. But in order to make them, I need the flour and the lard (that I render myself, and thank my butcher for the fat!), I need the baking powder.

When I buy coffee, I buy the beans because they stay fresher longer. I have an electric coffee bean grinder. I also have a hand-held grinder. (Two is one, one is none.)

When I break a coffee carafe, I get the French Press out of the closet and make a pot of coffee anyway.

So was I prepared for breaking the coffee carafe this morning? Well, no. I’m still stunned about it, in fact. But I was prepared to make coffee in another way, should the way we are used to, fail.

Am I prepared for the apocalypse? No. Am I prepared to flee our homestead and bug-out somewhere else? Nope. I pray none of those things happen.

Am I prepared to keep canning, growing, and raising my own food? Yes.

Am I prepared to wait out winter storms? Yes.

Am I prepared to feed my family a wholesome meal during said winter storms? You bet.

Am I prepared to take a plate of scones to bless the family down the road when the occasion arises? Absolutely.

Am I prepared for this next pantry challenge? (It will be my third…) Yes. I think. I always doubt myself, but I think I’m prepared.

Which is all being a prepper really is: being prepared.

At any rate, I hope I don’t have to prepare for a backup-backup way to make coffee. That was not a morning circumstance I hope to repeat, or prepare for.

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