Fall Feasting

We’re about three minutes into fall (despite the 90-degree temperatures currently showing off outside) and I’m all about fall foods.

Soups. Fresh bread. Full-on feast meals. And alllllllllllll of the cornbread.

This is a stock photo – the pork chops I made you’ll read about in a few seconds looked much more amazing than these.

As I was preparing tonight’s fall dinner, I was inspired to do a fall feast type blog post.

Several years ago, I penned a post about one of the favorite wedding gifts I received. It was a cookbook, of all things. Hubs and I will celebrate 19 years married in the spring, and this book is used as much or more as when we were first married.

The Complete Guide to Country Cooking, published by Taste of Home.

I’m still making recipes from it I’ve never made before, but of course referencing it often for our tried-and-true favorites. (Every Saturday, I turn to the buttermilk biscuits page to make sure I’m not forgetting something when I’m making our biscuits and gravy breakfast).

I love this cookbook so much, it never gets put away. It stays on my shelf above the oven at all times. I have the version published in 1998, but I see there is a revised version since. I’m not sure if it has different recipes or updated versions from the older book, but whatever version you can find, I would strongly encourage you to get it.

Tonight, I knew we were having pork chops for dinner, but I wasn’t sure how I should prepare them. “Let’s see what Country Cooking has to say…” I thought.

Barbecue oven pork chops it was! For a side, I chopped a fresh zucchini and a large red potato, seasoned and oiled them up for the roasting pan. I also opened up a jar of pear sauce to serve as well.

I should have made cornbread, but didn’t. Still, dinner was delectable without it.

Menu Planning

We’ll be feasting well in the fall season the remainder of the week.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a beef roast for dinner, complete with carrots and potatoes. Is there a better fall feast meal than a good old roast? Wednesday, we’ll have homemade burgers (because you can’t beat the taste of a homemade burger).

Thursday is Hubs’ birthday, and we’ll polish off some ribeye steaks before we indulge in his favorite keto-peanut-butter-chocolate-cheesecake. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s as much a fall dessert as any kind of fruit cobbler.

Friday we’ve got beef short ribs, with homegrown green beans – and you know what? I’m gonna make some cornbread.

Yes, I did plan four nights in a row of beef dinners. Remember when I encouraged everyone to get to know their local butcher? That’s how our weekly meat-packed menu is possible.

Saturday, we’ve got roast chicken on the menu. Given our experience from the last roast chicken we made, I will be planning a meal involving chicken every night following, for at least five nights. Those big birds we harvested feed our little family for a long time.

So several nights of beef, followed by several nights of chicken.

Good thing I’m a little addicted to homemade chicken alfredo. Also, a good thing someone gifted us that cookbook all those years ago! I honestly don’t remember who it was, but they’re brilliant, and I am so incredibly grateful they thought to give it to us as a gift.

There’s just something about a hot, hearty, feast of a meal!

It’s food season. Maybe that’s why fall is my favorite. The reward of the harvest, deliciously arranged on each plate at meal time. Substantial, satisfying meals and full hearts and bellies.

Also… have I mentioned the cornbread?

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