Feel Good Friday

For much of today, I forgot it was Friday. I finally remembered to put sausage in the fridge from the freezer for Saturday’s biscuits and gravy early in the afternoon. I remembered later in the day about some loose work ends I needed to tie up.

At almost 5:30, I began cooking dinner (we normally are eating dinner around 5:00).

The day – the week – simply got away from me.

Though it flew by, today was fun in several ways. I set up our little 2-person tent outside and the kids spent the entire afternoon on a wilderness excursion. I gave them a book (I forgot I had, and had meant to give it to them back in March) and they learned all about exploring nature, making observations, and journaling about their finds.

(The book is The Nature Connection: An Outdoor Workbook for Kids, Families, and Classrooms by Clare Walker Leslie.)

Inspired by their explorations, I used the Seek App on my phone and identified so many forage-worthy plants around our property! It was hard not to get excited about finding catmint, tarragon, wheatgrass, blue lettuce, prairie rose (rose hips!!) and so many others. I’m going to be dusting off my herbal remedy book learning how to use the other plant-gold I stumbled upon today.

I found some junk in the throw-away heap (stuff we’ve found on the property that is broken or past it’s useful prime) that can be repurposed into some helpful materials around the homestead.

Completely by accident, I found a dove nest in a tree by the garage.

Being outside is one of my favorite things. Being pleasantly productive outside is even better.

It was a good Friday outside. It was a good Friday inside, too.

During dinner tonight, we had productive conversation.

First of all, dinner was pork chops and lamb chops. The pork was raised and butchered less than two miles from us, gifted to us by its owners. The lamb was raised by dear friends of ours in NoDak. The meat was served with garden peas we grew last year in Minnesota, and fried potatoes. Homegrown deliciousness.

The conversation we had during dinner was about safety in our home. We went over with the kids what to do in case of a fire, where on the property we designated to meet up, etc. We made sure the kids could open their windows and escape if need be. It’s not a lighthearted conversation, but it’s a necessary one.

Along those same lines, we talked about safety around people, what to do when encountering strangers, etc. That is one of my least favorite conversations but it’s too important to avoid or neglect.

With the grass fire happening last week just a couple of miles from here that burned up over 100 acres, paired with the unprecedented drought, I suppose fire is on the brain. So fire preparedness and planning is on the brain as well.

And strangers, well, you can never be too careful.

As a treat for the kids (actually, for all of us…) I made chocolate chip cookie dough.

Just the dough.

I guess it sounded good, but when I went to my recipe box to retrieve a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, there was no such recipe in my box.

I said to Hubs, “Oh no… there’s no recipe for them in here.” to which he replied, “Betty Crocker has one…”

I’m being serious when I say this: I had completely forgotten until he said something, that we had cookbooks. We have an entire shelf of cookbooks above our stove, and more on shelves elsewhere. Yet for some reason, I thought every recipe I owned was in my hinged box.

Maybe I had spent a little too much time in the Feel Good Friday sun. At any rate, the cookie dough was delicious.

It was a good day. Fun outside, productivity all around, and cookie dough. From a recipe in a cookbook.

Who would have guessed?

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