Fog and Food Poisoning

We’ve had several consecutive days of fog outside, and while I always long for sunshine, the hoar frost the fog has provided is a spectacular sight to see.

It’s been an interesting week so far and we’re only halfway through.

This past Sunday was the first Sunday I’d been to church in person in a month. January was a month of battling illness and sleeplessness, and as a result, I had not been to church in person since December 27th.

I will say this: while I detest so much of what this pandemic has meant for our lives and society, I am so grateful churches continue to stream their services online. Because of that, even though I didn’t attend physically, I never missed a Sunday.

After service had ended, I was enjoying conversation with others, especially after not having that interaction for a month. Suddenly, I heard shrill screaming approaching.

I looked down to see my son walking toward me producing screams I’ve only heard once before from him, tears falling off his face, and blood running down his forehead.

I [calmly] rushed him to the restroom to clean his head and assess the wound. I was able to get out of him that the screams were because he was scared more than he was hurt. The gash on his forehead was a significant puncture, courtesy of the corner of a bench.

We put the church’s first aid kit to use and got him cleaned and bandaged, but the experience took a lot out of us.

Is it harder on your child when they are hurt, or is it harder on the parent to see your child hurt?

Because of the trauma experienced, the time spent resolving it, and the energy poured into it, I knew Little Man needed to eat something, and soon. Hubs agreed, and out of convenience and as a “treat” for the kids, we drove through one of the fast food places in town.

Hubs wasn’t exceptionally hungry, so he passed on the opportunity to order food for himself. The rest of us had burgers and fries, though Little Miss removed her bun (because gluten).

With details I will spare you but that would only prove my next statement, as a result of that “treat” post-trauma, Little Man and I ended up with a bit of food poisoning.

No, I’m not kidding.

I’m an old pro at having this food poisoning thing, and that might be another story for another day. I’m also a (recovering) fast food expert, so being an expert in both of these areas, I think it’s safe to say I might never need to get fast food for “convenience” ever again.

It’s back to bringing snacks in the car, and packing picnic baskets of homemade food if I need to.

At any rate, I tell these stories because they’re humorous – not because I’m complaining, really. Who would have guessed that on my first Sunday back to church in a month, my son gets a head wound and he and I end up with food poisoning? It’s really quite funny when you think about it.

Awful, but funny.

When all is said and done, I suppose the fog is representative of the week we’ve had. We’d rather have sunshine, but if it’s going to be foggy, at least we’ll find the hoar frost captivating.

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