Friday Mumbles

The wind is blowing full force today, which happens more often than I allow myself to admit. It only adds to the strangeness of there being no snow on the ground, however.

Hubs taking the tractor for a test run

Nearing the end of December and having completely dry ground is something I’ve experienced so few times, I’m not quite sure how to process it. Fifty-degree days in December make me wonder how dry the next spring and summer will be, if there’s no freeze or snow to melt before planting season.

In other news, I’ve been a full 24 hours off Instagram and have caught myself a few times today thinking, “I should check Instagram…” only to remember I cut that out of my life already. It will happen a few more times over the next few days and then it will be more of a distant memory.

I know this from when I walked away from it temporarily this past summer before our move. That time, I only deleted the app from my phone. This time, I’ve deleted my account altogether.

At any rate, I woke early this morning and made scones for breakfast. So many times I’ve had scones on the menu for breakfast, but have opted to make eggs and bacon instead. Today I followed through and made the breakfast scones from my favorite cookbook (even if it does have an awful liver recipe in it), and the kids were thrilled.

While I’m not full-fledged in pantry challenge, like I thought I would be by now, we are using mostly what we already have on hand, and any groceries purchased have been for special meals or contributions to meals, or items to keep on hand in the pantry until a later date. Come January, we’ll be more committed to only buying dairy products.

Menu planning, however, has become a critical task of mine, not only in keeping my family heartily fed, but in being intentional about using up what we have on hand. I can’t bring myself to use many of my home-canned goods yet, so the soups and such have stayed on the shelf. The freezer items, however, I’m more prone to use, even if a little too recklessly.

Breakfast each day usually involves eggs, since our hens are still laying regularly, so it really was a treat to break away from the routine and bake up a batch of breakfast scones. I suppose I needn’t be so stingy with my flour, and keep putting scones, muffins, and coffee cake on the menu now and then.

After breakfast, I successfully and detrimentally locked myself out of the email and communication tools of my client, and as it has yet to be remedied, I’m reminding myself to be okay with humility.

Hubs and I got new phones, and tried to log in to my work tools on mine. Before I knew it, I was locked out from the programs on my laptop, and logging in on my phone proved fruitless. I have no doubt it’s operator error, but I do wish I had locked myself out of something less trivial than the tools I use to earn my living…

As a treat to the kids (and let’s be honest, to myself as well), we watched a few videos from Three Rivers Homestead’s YouTube channel. Jessica was one of my favorite accounts on Instagram, and I’m glad to be able to keep up with her and her family via her YT channel.

My two kids were all kinds of inspired after watching one of Jessica’s videos and said they wanted to help me with all of the outside chores (which right now consists of taking care of the chickens, but in a few months will also include all things gardening). Needless to say, we will continue watching all of Jessica’s videos as a family going forward. 🙂

All in all it was a great day. We’ll finish it by watching the Muppet Christmas Carol and having popcorn, and then tomorrow I’ll start the day with one of our regular weekend traditions – which I’d better not post about yet, since I have a separate post on those coming soon.

Enjoy your Friday, friends. I sure have enjoyed mine.

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