Gandalf is a white wizard, not a blizzard.

We made sure to get our groceries early, and any supplies we may need for the weekend. Winter Storm Gandalf was scheduled to roar through the mid-west yesterday and today. Our area alone was slated for 3 to 6 inches of snow, ridiculous winds, and conditions that made going out inadvisable.

We got lots of wind, some freezing mist that left a thin layer of ice over everything, and an inch and a half of snow. Then we got sunshine and a little more wind. So here we are….at home….

I had planned to watch the storm through my picture window all day and cozy up with some hot chocolate – but then the storm decided it didn’t want to play, and hot chocolate didn’t seem all that great. Granted, I’m glad we didn’t get a lot of snow and even more glad that people can get out and about safely today. But…they said….oh well.

This morning while Brent was outside shoveling the driveway, I took a shower while Haley was playing with her dolls. She was coming in to the bathroom (rule #203874 of being a mom: you don’t have any privacy ever. Under any circumstance.) giving me updates of what her dolls were doing. She had put them down to nap and told me I needed to be quiet. Cute.

I shut the water off in time to hear:
…running footsteps…bedroom door opening…
“Stop all this llama drama! You be patient for your mama!”
…door closing…

It was hilarious! Especially if you’re familiar with the book Llama Llama Red Pajama. It’s one of my favorite nighttime books to read to Haley and she apparently has adapted it to her playtime with the dolls.

The last week, Brent has been fighting some sort of cold bug. He’s feeling better today (thank you, Lord) and is back at being a rock-star daddy. I’ll tell you, I feel inept as a mother when I watch Brent with Haley. He is the kind of daddy any child would hope for. They’ve played Candy Land today, washed dishes together, painted with water colors, read books, and enjoyed lots of snuggles. I’m not feeling well at all, and so my contribution to Haley’s upbringing today was taking a nap with her. You do the math on who’s a cooler parent.

Cletus-the-she-fetus has no sympathy for my feeling ill, on top of my “I should do more even though I feel gross” mentality. She’s been kicking the tar out of me all day. At times, it feels as though she’s grabbing my uterine wall in her teeny palms, then doing back-flips pulling it with her all the way, then holding on while it un-spins itself. It’s highly uncomfortable, and I have no idea what’s going on in there, but she doesn’t listen to me when I ask her to stop. She’s already defiant. This will be fun.

Now that Gandalf has come and gone, and was a lot nicer than we all anticipated, (maybe the meteorologists should stop all their llama-drama when it comes to predicting storm impacts…) we’re going to settle in for a little movie watching. Dumbo is in the queue for tonight.

I hope wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you all have a warm, wonderful weekend!

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