~*Heavy Sigh*~

This morning I woke up with a sore throat and achy ears. No warning, no gradual decline of health; I just opened my eyes and realized I was down for the count. The burning in my throat felt as if I could have produced fire when opening my mouth. I suppose there are worse things than being a dragon… I was supposed to be on nursery duty at church, but since I’d never forgive myself if I got one of those littles sick, I stayed home.

I wish I could say I was able to relax and rest, but that was not the case. It was no different from any other day at home with both children, save for the fact that I felt like doo, and was not necessarily up to life-per-usual. Little Miss wanted to play out very scripted scenarios, (“Mama, how about you are the Queen Mother, and I am the princess and you tell me…. how about you tell me that… tell me that you’re going to plan a royal ball, and then I have to buy a new dress and shoes, and then when the….when the….um….when the um…. when the prince….when he…..um….when the pri – when he comes, then you tell him to…..”) Little Man fussed and rolled, and pivoted, and rolled, and fussed, and whined, and ate, and fussed, and wanted to be held. Not entertained, just held. Upright, facing forward, and able to reach something with which to put his slobbery hands all over. So I treated myself to some Airborne.

My Airborne cocktail.
Someone has not slept all. day. long.

Even though I was worn totally ragged, Little Miss was being adorable. And this happened. And it makes me giggle, even though giggling hurts my throat. It’s hilarious, even if it is the 2348702938740298374th video we have that ends with, “Can we watch it now?”

~*Heavy Sigh*~ Even when I’m feeling overwhelmed by life, these moments are just too precious to not appreciate. Thank you for the giggles, Little Miss. Mama loves you.

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  1. Oh my goodness how adorable. I love the pause in the middle and the head bob like she is really counting her beat! And the bow………just precious!!!!!

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