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We started our homeschool year this past Monday. I was [mostly] prepared, organized, and excited to get our year underway.

I was especially excited, because Hubs had been away for six days and was due to return that evening. The kids were excited to tell him all about their first day of school and their plans for the coming school year.

Hilltop Homestead Homeschool

We’ve been using Sonlight curriculum our whole homeschool journey. (Save for one year when Little Miss did a year based on Little House books. It was lovely, but a ton of work on my part, so back to Sonlight we went!) To have every day planned and most all the materials at the ready is a dream for me. (Thank you, Sonlight!)

With Little Miss in 6th grade and Little Man in 2nd, having a curriculum that works for us helps with the prepared/organized/excited pieces of homeschooling.

The first day went like a dream. The kids were excited and engaged. I was productive and very teacher-y. The kids were finished with their first day’s work by lunch time and went about their daily chores and free time.

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At 4:03, I stuck a pan of ribs in the oven to heat up a tasty meal for when Hubs would arrive near dinner time. At 4:05, I got a text from him saying we needed to come get him.

The car had broken down 100 miles from home.

Ribs promptly came out of the oven and went into the fridge. The kids and I loaded into the pickup and headed out on an impromptu road trip.

We went from having a prepared, organized, exciting day to having a spontaneous, disorganized, exciting evening.

Eventually, we made it to Hubs as soon as the speed limit allowed. We loaded everything from the car into the pickup, made a quick pit stop, and turned around to head back home. We were on a mission to get home. Period.

It had been a longer day than we anticipated, but still a wonderful day.

Homeschool Honeymoon

The first three days of this school year have already far surpassed the experience of the entire year of homeschool last year. Last year, every day was chaotic, disorganized, and a struggle. We started later in the year due to our move. I was working too much. Every day involved fighting with the kids to get work done. Last year was one I hope to never repeat.

I’m sure my level of organization and preparedness will wane as the year goes on. It may even resurge, but wane again. Right now, though, I’m reveling in the bliss of the start of this year. It really feels like a homeschool honeymoon.

We’re doing a few new things this year as well. We’ve joined our first ever homeschool co-op. Little Miss was our ticket in. She is the right age to accompany another girl in the group who was kind of on her own while her younger siblings enjoyed all the companionship of the other homeschoolers.

We recently met the other group families. Little Miss and the former lone-ranger hit it off immediately and became fast friends. Little Man not only had a current friend in the co-op, but made a new one as well. Both kids are as excited as ever to be going to a regular meetup once a week, with other homeschool families and enrichment activities.

We also switched to a four-day curriculum week. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll only have schoolwork four days a week, but it does give us quite a bit more flexibility. Some weeks, four days of school work and one day of co-op will be the norm.

Some days, whether we have appointments or errands or other activities crop up, we’ll have to push assignments off to another day.

Regardless of the situations that will or may crop up, having a four-day week curriculum plan allows for much-needed elbow room in our daily life.

Homeschool Hopes

I know we’re only a few days into the new homeschool year, but I really am enjoying it. Last year started and ended on the wrong foot. This year feels different in all the best possible ways.

My hope is we continue to stay organized. We continue to stay enthused. We continue to stay involved with other homeschool families.

Overall, my hope is we never take for granted our freedom to homeschool our children. My hope is we remember, every day, the genuine blessing it is to be able to do this.

The start of this homeschool year is reminiscent with the start of our first-ever homeschool year. It was full of wonderment and excitement, and this feels much of the same.

We’re five years into our homeschooling journey. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been rewarding, and in many different ways.

I once swore I would never homeschool. Now, I can’t imagine life any other way. I’m so grateful we get to do this.

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