Home, Sweet South Dakota

It went from not being a thought in our heads to suddenly happening: we moved away from our MN homestead.

Last week was spent packing, loading, cleaning, and sweating… profusely. The heat and humidity were a little bit nuts as we loaded the moving truck and as friends and neighbors helped us pack and clean so we could get on the road.

We could have used a little… maybe even a lot… more time to get absolutely everything situated the way we would have liked, but it was time to go, ready or not.

Thursday morning we hit the road and by late afternoon arrived at our new home for the final walkthrough before going to town to sign on the dotted line to take ownership. That evening my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nephews met us at the house to help us unload our belongings.

It’s been nearly a week now of unpacking, stacking cardboard, and finding a new place for our old things. Within the first few hours, however, it already felt like home.

The sunrises have been spectacular. From every side, we can hear cattle even if only faintly. We hear pheasants in the tall grass, and there is a lone wild turkey roaming around our land (and perching on our pickup…).

Our chickens have never experienced so much freedom, and have thoroughly enjoyed the grasshopper and cricket buffet. One hen devoured a gigantic wolf spider before my very eyes, and I’ve never been so thankful for chickens as I was in that moment. EAT ALL THE SPIDERS, GIRLS!

They’ve only just begun laying so eggs are few and far between (and small) but eventually their egg production will ramp up and we’ll be back to our regular supply of breakfast and prime baking ingredient.

Hubs and I have returned to work and are pulling our weight in the business world working remotely. His home office is nearly situated and I’ve been working from wherever I can find a spot in between unpacking boxes and staring outside at the picturesque views.

Homeschool will be starting up as soon as I can find the boxes housing all our curriculum. There aren’t a ton of boxes left to unpack, so I know I’m close to unveiling those readers and workbooks soon…

I’ll be completely transparent here… I’ve never felt more like a well-to-do Laura Ingalls Wilder in all my life. These hills, these grasses, the solitude, the elements, even the flies (so. many. flies.) make me feel as close to our pioneer roots as one could (while still living comfortably, of course). I’m very thankful for indoor plumbing and air conditioning, and while I feel incredibly pioneerish right now, I’m glad to not be living in a sod shanty or having to trek to an outhouse.

(Fun Fact: Hubs and my dad found an outhouse on the property, hidden back in the shelterbelt tree row.)

So I suppose that’s all I have to share for now, but I’ll leave you with these pictures and one final thought.

We are so humbled, so grateful, so amazed. We were not “supposed” to get this place. It was out of our price range, “too nice” for us, and not something we should have been able to acquire.

But God.

He moved mountains for us and I have marveled at His might, His grace, and His goodness.

It seems the world is falling apart around us, and chaos and destruction are taking place at every turn… But God. He has already won, and He is always good.

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  1. God is so Good!!!! Val, I am so excited for you and your family. Wow! Sounds amazing. I grew up on a beautiful huge farm and the lessons I learned about being a good person and the treasures God’s creations bring are great.
    Best Wishes, may God’s Blessings greet you each and every new day.😊

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