Homeschooling: The Choice Between Easy and Worth It

This August, we started our fifth year of homeschooling.

Homeschooling went from something I swore I would never do, to something I would willingly fight for the right to continue, if it came down to it.

But it’s not easy.

Today was a day I really questioned our decision to homeschool.

I was crying, my youngest was crying… it was a really rough day. These rough days are stressful, straining, and wear on the entire family.

Homeschooling is not easy. It never has been.

But it’s worth it.

I have to remind myself of that, sometimes daily. Sometimes several times a day. “This is worth it” I tell myself, through gritted teeth as tears stream down my cheeks and my coffee grows cold in its cup.

Other days are rainbows and butterflies, though, and those homeschool days are as rewarding as they are fleeting.

My children tend to have other ideas with how to spend their school time. Usually those ideas involve messes, nothing productive, and invariably results in arguments with their sibling.

This makes it hard when I’m in a meeting and can’t get them back on task, or when I’m right next to them pleading with them to focus and I might as well be a speck of dust in another room.

Homeschooling is hard

…when the kids want nothing to do with the work before them.

It’s hard when there is an assignment, or – this is a big confession, no doubt – an entire subject I don’t really care about myself.

Homeschooling is hard when Mama is crying into her coffee and the dog just threw up on the floor… Oh, sorry, I just had a little flashback to this morning.

But then…

It’s worth it.

Homeschooling is worth it when we attend homeschool convention and are encouraged and our tanks are filled to be around so many other families who are sharing these same struggles but seeing the same benefits.

It’s worth it when my kids are super tired, or find themselves a little under the weather, and can sleep in without any consequence, getting the rest they so desperately need.

Homeschooling is worth it when we can all have a hot breakfast, every morning, without rushing to chow down and run out the door.

It’s worth it when we can have complete say over our schedule, our appointments, our activities. Our time is our most precious commodity, and we get to ascertain how it gets spent.

Homeschooling is worth it when the kids get to expand on the subjects and topics they love, and pursue them with enthusiasm and no limits.

I could go on.

And maybe I should, for my own benefit. The point is, however, homeschooling is worth it. No matter the reasons (and I’m sure each family has their differing list), it boils down to homeschooling being worth it outweighs the fact that it isn’t always easy.

I may have cried in frustration today. But there are days I cry tears of joy.

Homeschooling may have been a struggle today (this week…) but there are days it does my heart more good than grief.

It’s not always picture perfect. I don’t expect it to be. I know that in these struggles our kids are learning. They’re learning how to find solutions, how to prioritize their time, and how to fly under the “Mom is about to flip” radar.

I’m learning, too. I’m learning peace, patience, forgiveness, gentleness, self-control… wait, were the fruits of the spirit written expressly to convict the hearts of homeschool parents?

I penned this post for my own heart today. I need to be reminded of why we do this. Why we suffer through the hard days of homeschooling.

While homeschooling is not easy, it is definitely worth it. Remember this, Val. Remember these days and soak up these moments.

Homeschooling. Is. Worth. It. And it’s a blessing our family does not take lightly. Thank you, Lord, for this reminder. And thank you, Lord, for new mercies every morning. Tomorrow is a new day and another chance to remind ourselves of all You’ve gifted us with.

2 Replies to “Homeschooling: The Choice Between Easy and Worth It”

  1. Val!!!!!
    I was on YT watching an Azure Standard review on At Home with Kim, I saw your comment about them, clicked on your channel, and found myself here!! God is too gracious, even when we don’t deserve it.
    We are about to finish our 6th year homeschooling, we started once my oldest finished 3rd grade in the ps system. I repeatedly swore I would never, ever, neeeeever homeschool! I told my friends that were homeschooling that “they were crazy!” (Seriously rude) And I constantly said that “I could never do it!”
    I cry, I get frustrated, I weep, I scream, I get frightened when the enough comes into my thoughts, and I cry… but in those days that are good, which are way more than the bad, I rejoice. I rejoice in the time we get to have together because we all get a little older. I cry at the milestones my children hit, at the joy of the organic conversations we get to have about Jesus! I cry because God truly gave me a new heart that was of stone, and has brought me to a place I never thought I’d be, and I realize that I would be missing out had He not been gracious.
    Homeschooling is not easy, it truly takes selfless to the deepest parts of yourself to truly pick up The Cross filled with your child’s future. Yet, He blesses those who hear and do the calling. Thank you for your beautiful post, I look forward to many more! May He be gracious to you and yours!
    X Claudia, from a mom who KNOWS!

    1. What a blessing to get this comment, Claudia! Look how Azure Standard brought us together even over the internet. 😉 Praying for your homeschool journey and that you can continue to be an encouragement to others in theirs! ~ Val

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