{Illuminate} Week 2

The following is a homework assignment from a project class I enrolled in: Illuminate – Lighting the Path to Photographic Healing. This is week 2: Finding Your Light, and Experimenting With Light.
“When you hear a boy ask why the sun comes and goes, tell him because in this life there is no light without the dark.” ~ Mago de Oz (That’s a heavy metal band, no less. Never heard their music, but I do love this line.)
It amazes me how much the sun affects my mood. When it’s cloudy or gloomy, I tend to be as well. But when the sun shines, I can feel myself standing a little taller. Breathing a little deeper. Smiling a little broader. The sun is literally the center of my universe. It makes things grow. It sustains life. It gives me a vitamin without me even having to swallow a pill. That’s pretty awesome. The sun is pretty popular. Everything grows upwards, reaching for it. The leaves of trees open broadly and turn to catch as much light as they can. A sunflower stares at the sun all day. 
But when the sun is gone…when the sun is hidden out of sight, the days are noticeably darker. There is no basking in warmth. There is no radiance of light. There is only searching….searching for the light, and waiting for the dark to pass.  These are how some of my recent days have been spent. Searching for the light. Longing for the shadows to be lifted. Longing for a bright spot of any sort to find it’s way into my day. Into my heart.
I had a revelation of sorts: The sun never. stops. shining. It never stops. It is always the brightest star in the sky, all day, every day. We just can’t always see it. And when we can’t see it, it isn’t because the sun has gone away. It’s because something has blocked its light. The obstruction is only temporary, and we will see the light again. It isn’t about what we can’t see. It’s about having faith that what we can’t see still exists.
On my dark days, may I realize I will see the sun again. May I take comfort in knowing it’s always there. May I continually remember whether I can see it or not, the sun is always shining. And even on those dark and dreary days, sometimes…the light will come from a source we never expected.

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