It’s Been A Weird Week

It's Been A

Sunday, hubs and I went toe-to-toe with some serious intense fellowship over fried chicken. I had to leave the house, I was so upset.

You think I’m kidding. I wish I was.

I ran errands then conked out after unloading groceries, for a much needed 2 1/2 hour nap. Later that evening, Brent and I decided to switch sides and argue as if we were the other person. (The first time we did this, I argued Brent’s position first, and then he-as-me said, “you’re right, thank you.” and he thought he was so funny.) We learned a lot about one another and our perspective on fried chicken.

Monday was a day. One of the worst on record. I woke up super emotional, cried all day, and no matter how I tried to stop, I couldn’t. I was super angry, wanted to cuss, cry, and crawl into a hole. At one point I sat on the sofa and wept. My stomach heaved and I was gasping for breath as I wept.

It wasn’t a significant anniversary having to do with Harlynn – I couldn’t tell you why my tears were so out of control. But they were. It was one of the hardest days I can remember, and it caught me completely by surprise.

I’m not apologizing for allowing myself to weep or wail. Even though I tried to stop several times, I couldn’t. Eventually I embraced it and let myself feel everything I needed to. Sometimes grief is a funny thing and happens when it wants to, rather than when or how you expect it to. That was my Monday in a nutshell.

Tuesday morning, I woke up an entirely different person. Emotionally, I was in one of the strongest places I can remember, especially for this time of year. It should be noted, though, the night before I had started to notice a pain in my right side. I thought nothing of it.

Tuesday I had two Harlynn’s Heart meetings, and they could not have gone better. It was so fulfilling and gratifying and my tank was filled after meeting with people who are helping us fulfill our mission and purpose.

That night, a pain I had been ignoring in my mouth started to flare worse. A wisdom socket that hasn’t had a tooth in it for nine months had been acting up for several days, and Tuesday it really started to bother me. My mouth was tingling and aching quite a bit. My side pain became more frequent.

Wednesday, my mouth was swollen, my speech was affected, and I was quite uncomfortable both because of my side, and my mouth. I thought for sure my side was just a woman thing and would go away in due time. Or it was appendicitis. Either way, I’d find out soon enough.

That evening I went to dinner with my “writer’s guild”. I dubbed it our writer’s guild, because we all write here and there. But we don’t talk about writing. We talk about our lives, families, goals, and dreams, and we’ve been doing this for a couple of years. It’s me and two of my gal-pals from the 35-Under-35 Leadership Class I went through in 2012. I won’t get all mushy, but I love the time we spend together and it fills me up every time.

Thursday morning I secured a dentist appointment so he could look at my mouth and figure out why a tooth I no longer had was causing me so much grief. He prodded around and couldn’t find a thing, so recommended me to the oral surgeon who saw me way too many times last year after my wisdom teeth extraction issues.

That afternoon, I listened to this episode and felt like I could actually get a handle on these health issues.

I picked Little Miss up from school and she was complaining of tummy aching. She complains of it frequently, and it almost always solves itself after she goes to the bathroom. Once we arrived home and stepped out of the garage to walk to the apartment building, she threw up on the concrete. Three times.

She never does that, so at this point I was a little concerned. She threw up one more time for good measure last evening, but has been feeling fine since. We kept her home from school today, obviously, and now she’s reading every book she owns.

The pain in my side yesterday was constant and intensifying. When I went to bed, there were some moments I considered asking Brent to take me to the ER. But I went to sleep instead.

Today was a big appointment day. Brent stayed home with the kiddos while I went to figure out my anomalies. At the doctor, we did some lab work and some mashing-of-the-abdomen. I nearly cried. Ouch. My labs were the picture of health, so she surmised I most likely have an ovarian cyst and once it bursts, things will return to normal. If I get a fever or nausea, however, I need to go to the ER right away. Duh.

Next I went to visit my old friend, Dr. Oral Surgeon. My mouth felt so much better, since Dr. Dentist poked at it with his dentist tools. I’m sure he dislodged or shifted whatever was bothering me back there. It’s still sore and tender, and I didn’t want to cancel the appointment today just in case. He could find nothing (and complimented my tremendous bone growth since my extraction, which was strangely encouraging) and I was sent home.

My mouth feels 90% better. My side feels 80% better. Therefore, I think it’s safe to say when things in life need improving, just mash on them.

And please don’t take that last sentence too seriously.