Juicing. . .Day One

If you’ve read every word I’ve ever written over the last 12 months (and who wouldn’t want to?) then you know that after I became really sick last year, Brent and I became Netflix documentary junkies. It’s the type of junkie I might even recommend becoming. We’ve learned a lot about health, we’ve changed some of our goals and aspirations, we’ve committed to changing some (most) of our eating and health habits, and now I’m about to review my very first day of juicing.
Brent and I have been carrying extra weight around for a while. Last year before I became pregnant, I actually dropped 15 pounds and was starting to feel pretty good.  Now I’ve just ballooned and told Brent at dinner the other night, “You agreed to run a 10K in October. We have family pictures in September. We have got to do something.” He smiled and said, “You can juice with me this weekend.” I made a face. “It’s settled, then.” he replied.
Juicing is not a “quick fix” or a dieting fad. It’s a kick start to detoxing our bodies, and to jump start our commitment to eating healthier. We do really well eating healthy for a while, then I have to have a cheeseburger, and it all goes downhill from there. If you think of it, pray that I might get over that little craving thing.  We have a plan in place for when juicing is over (thank you, eMeals) and today marked our getting started as a couple.  Brent has done this before, and has been very successful. This is not at all my thing, so I needed a little swaying. The fact that I’m wearing my husband’s jeans instead of my own was swaying enough.

This morning when I woke up, Brent was talking to Haley about her breakfast. I thought his suggestion of opimeal (oatmeal in Haley-speak) sounded really good. Then I remembered, I would be having a special breakfast juice. Ugh. I sauntered to the kitchen and turned the corner in time to see Brent chopping a head of cabbage.

A head of cabbage. As part of breakfast. As part of a juice. Are you gagging yet?

He and Haley began juicing the cabbage, carrots, and oranges. I wanted to document this journey through pictures, and you’ll be able to see exactly what we did.  Haley tried it first. She liked it. I figured if she liked it, it couldn’t be that bad.

Brent tried it. He didn’t make a face. I believe his comment was, “Hmm. Not so bad.”


I smelled it. That was a mistake. Over-powering scent of cabbage first thing in the morning is not entirely pleasant.  I took a drink. It was NASTY.  All I could taste was cabbage. 



I ended up plugging my nose and choking it down to get it finished. I almost threw up twice. This is going to be a long weekend, I thought.  After finishing the breakfast juice, the burps were relentless. I asked Brent if that was normal and his reply was “everyone reacts to juicing differently, so it’s quite possible it’s normal for you.”  Well that’s dead sexy. Burping cabbage juice. Good thing he put a ring on it, right ladies?

After a while, I became seriously tired. It had been a long week, and after having the juice instead of typical breakfast, I was zapped of energy.  I went in to lay down for a little Saturday snooze. Four hours later, and after dreaming my entire family was seated around a marvelously huge and intricate log table ordering porterhouse steaks, I woke up.

I had slept through lunch, so Brent made the afternoon snack, or as he calls it, “lunch number two.” Cucumber, celery, spinach, green apples, lemon, and ginger.  Haley stated quickly she didn’t like this juice and didn’t want to try it. I made Brent go first. He winked. Like this was just something he does all the time. Like it’s a glass of water.

I resisted the urge to smell it first, but when I put it up close to my mouth, I could smell it. Cucumber. I have never been a fan of cucumber. I took a sip. Eh. It wasn’t as awful as I was anticipating. It tasted like….dirty lemonade. I took another sip. WOW, there was a chunk of lemon in that sip. Sour! 

It took me a long while, but I finished the whole glass. I didn’t come close to throwing up. Progress. I also drank a large glass of water.  After finishing the juice, the headache started to really show up in force. It’s unlike any headache I’ve had before. It feels like I’ve been wearing a hat four sizes too small. The crown of my head from temple to temple just aches. And quite intensely.  In all seriousness, I could have taken another nap. It’s easier to sleep through pain than to try to function through it. There was a bright side, though – no burps after the green juice.
The end of the day brought dinner/dessert. Apples, sweet potato, peaches, and sprinkled with a little cinnamon. This I was looking forward to. It looks a little like a chai tea. I happen to love all the ingredients so my hopes were really high. Haley tried it first, and liked it, but not as much as she liked eating slices of the peaches. Brent was familiar with this drink from his last juicing experience, so he was unaffected by the adventure.


It wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting. The flavor was nice, though, and certainly my favorite of the three from today. It tasted a little like I was drinking a slice of apple pie, sans any sugar.  It was certainly a nice way to cap off the evening.


I am not crabby like I expected I would be. (Yet.) I have even a little more energy now than I anticipated. I danced a little with Haley earlier, and felt pretty good.  Brent is a tish grumpy today, but nothing major. Today went far better than I expected it to, I must say. Tomorrow may be a different story.  Especially if I have to drink cabbage again. I think I’m going to have some decaf green tea and call it a night. And no, I didn’t shower today. Something about a four hour nap and an intense headache…  I’ll set my goals a little higher for tomorrow, since it’s a church day and all.

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