Juicing. . .Day Three

There are no pictures today because let’s face it: at this point, who really cares what I look like as I swallow a gulp of super juice?
I never thought I’d make it to day three with sticking with vegetable juice, water, and green tea. But GUESS WHAT? I totally did!  I feel pretty good today, aside from still feeling hungry. I thought the hunger would eventually pass but it hasn’t. I’m still hungry. Almost all the time. But it’s not unmanageable and I’m not “angry hungry” like I usually get when I wait too long to eat or something. Plus this morning I was down in weight again making my 48 hour total down 3.6 pounds. Tomorrow morning’s weigh in will be fun for me I’m sure.
I told Brent going forward I was fine with juicing for breakfast and dinner for a while yet, but I am going to eat something for lunch. Like, chew real food.  This juicing stuff is great and wonderful and healthy, but I need to get my masticating skills on. 
So going forward for at least tomorrow (ha!) the plan is juice for breakfast, giant spinach salad with berries and chicken for lunch, juice for dinner.  Even talking about the salad makes me drool a little. Real food….I can’t wait….
So all in all this experience went far better than I anticipated. I’m stronger willed than I thought I was, and I really cannot believe I made it through three days. I don’t think Brent can believe it either.
I’m very much excited for tomorrow when I can chew food again, but still contribute to a healthier me. Maybe eventually I will only juice for one meal a day and eat two balanced meals. And by eventually I mean maybe by Wednesday. We’ll just have to see how long I can stick with this and incorporate it into my daily life. I can attest this is by far the healthiest thing I’ve ever done, and truth be told, I feel really good today. Who knows, I may have just converted to juicingism.

Point being: I DID IT!!

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