Juicing. . .Day Two

It was hard to get to sleep last night. My blessed husband was serenading frogs from the comfort of our bed. After giving him several nudges and love-shoves, I was able to fall asleep sometime after midnight.  While laying in bed waiting for sleep to come, however, I felt hungry. Really hungry. Once sleep came, I forgot about not eating and woke up this morning without feeling like I was starving. I weighed myself and was down 1.6 pounds from yesterday’s starting weight. Is that impressive for 24 hours? I’m not sure. But it’s certainly more than I was able to do on my own previously.
I did notice that when Brent didn’t immediately jump up to start the breakfast juice, I was highly annoyed. Irritability indicator number one.  Haley had toast with jelly for breakfast. I’m pretty sure no piece of toast has ever looked, smelled, or I’m sure tasted, as good as the piece she enjoyed this morning. 

As I watched Haley enjoy her breakfast, Brent set mine down in front of me. Well good morning.
Thankfully, we did not repeat the cabbage. This morning’s juice was spinach, carrots, oranges, and one apple. Strangely enough, the first thing I tasted with my morning gulp, was cabbage. Gah! There was a pleasant aftertaste of oranges but you had to taste the bad in order to taste the good. Such is life, right? Brent decided he would educate (via lecture) me on the proper way to drink my juice, and just how much of it I should fill my mouth with at a time. I decided I would secretly like to love-shove him in the face. Irritability indicator number two. I got through the juice no problem, and never came close to throwing up. I didn’t even have to plug my nose. This is serious progress from yesterday’s first meal of the day. Even though I tasted cabbage, I think the fact that there was no cabbage actually in the juice helped tremendously.
We headed to church and Haley was complaining about not feeling her usual self. I turned around in time to see Brent giving her water from the water bottle I had brought for myself. I know she’s my kid and all….but I’ve seen the things that shoot back into a drink as she consumes it…and it’s not for the faint at heart. Now I would have to sit through church without my water. It was now Haley’s water. Water and other unidentifiable particles. Plus if she really is sick, I don’t want to drink after her and catch it.
After church Brent headed to the store and I headed home with my kiddo to do what I could to make her feel comfortable. The first thing I desired upon buckling her in her car seat was a nacho bell grande and bean burrito from Taco Bell. Can we juice sour cream? Maybe these veggie juices would be better with a dollop of sour cream on top.  I couldn’t wait for Brent to get home and start juicing our lunch because by this point mid-day, I was insanely hungry. I was able to curb it somewhat with water, but from the noises my stomach was making I was able to translate “FEED ME NOW” being spoken through its grumbles.
More green juice for lunch. It’s like liquid grass. I can tell you it didn’t taste a thing like nachos bell grande, or like sour cream. I don’t think sour cream would have helped it. It’s not that it tastes awful, but it isn’t tasty. The lemon really saves my gag reflex. At lunch time I was so over this juicing thing. I was starting to get crabbier, I was hungry, and I would have given almost anything for a trip to Taco Bell.

I took a two hour nap that left me feeling amazing and refreshed for about two minutes after I woke up. I’m not sure if it was because two hours is less than four, or if it’s because of something else, but I was still pretty tired, even though I woke up naturally. And by naturally I mean by my husband slamming our bedroom door. Irritability indicator, anyone?  He then thought he’d be hilarious and ask if I wanted to go to Applebee’s for dinner. Isn’t that hilarious? And by hilarious I mean borderline evil.
I stuck with water until it was time for dinner. Sweet, savory dinner. Of juice. Once again it was my favorite of all the juices. I enjoyed it, and tried to make it last a while. Dinner makes me happy. It’s like I forget how hard the rest of the consumption is and I think “Yes, juicing is wonderful!”

Today my head didn’t hurt at all like yesterday. I think a lot of yesterday’s headache was actually the barrette I wore most the day. Duh. I got a shower first thing this morning and it was amazing. It felt like the first shower you get after you go camping for a week. I am notably irritable today. Definitely irritable. I’m apprehensive about tomorrow. How will the day go when I can’t take a long nap in the middle of it? How will the day go when I have to drink juice….again? I thought I would be macho (rhymes with nacho…) and try to stick with this for five days, but based on how I feel right now, Tuesday morning and a bowl of oatmeal can’t come soon enough. Time will tell.

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