Just Not Sure

Every day gets a little greener, a little warmer, a little sweeter here at the hilltop homestead.

I marvel at it all – that we’re here, of all we get to enjoy, of how things are so different in life than we ever anticipated them to be.

But I’m just not sure what this blog is supposed to be.

Mind Mumbles is a pretty apt description of the posts I’ve authored to date. Whatever’s on my mind, whether it makes much sense or not, gets put into written form, published onto my blog, and read by any who are interested.

But now I’m wondering – is that the purpose? I’m just not sure.

It’s become an online diary of sorts. Sharing what happens, what we’ve experienced, and documenting our life events.

For instance…

Like last weekend, Hubs built me a raised bed (we’ve got three more to go!) and while the materials to build it were inordinately expensive, the end product is going to be absolutely amazing.

We live on hills here, and it’s almost always windy. A traditional garden would need far more TLC than I have the time or energy to devote to keep it productive. There are rabbits, mice, deer, raccoons – – so many wild animals that would love to browse a leafy buffet. Then we have our own chickens who feel like garden ground is the best possible ground to forage, scratch, and dust-bathe in.

Raised beds are our only real chance at having a productive garden, and to have Hubs start piecing them together is a really huge deal for me. We may get some veggies this year after all! There’s still some finishing touches to put on the first raised bed, but it fills me with excitement and hope that our gardening has a chance at success out here.

A few days later, I took Little Man in to get his ear-tubes removed. It was a procedure I was not looking forward to him having done, but now that it’s behind us, I’m relieved.

His ears have been a health focus since his birth. I feel now that having his tubes removed is a good thing, and never having to deal with them again is a great thing.

In other news, Sir Charles Chickens attacked me (again) in a sneak attack, coming at me from underneath the chokecherry tree I was admiring. He got me in the thigh, and it happened so fast, I had no idea what had come at me. I swung around and swung the plastic snow shovel in my hands (that I’ve been carrying around to defend myself from his antics) and knocked him square in the head.

Only then did I see it was him, and realize he was what had attacked me from under the tree.

He and I have had fisticuffs many times. I am the only one he attacks. No matter how many times I knock him senseless, he won’t stop coming after me. I am also so over it.

So I’ve ordered a Black Australorp rooster chick that will be here next week, Charles will move in with the meat birds once they arrive in July, and when they’re harvested in September, Charles will be as well. Off to freezer camp for our first rooster.

We’ve also been finding ticks, every day, everywhere. Now that Dolly is here and has to be taken outside every couple of hours, we’ve also developed a routine of tick-checking her and ourselves just as often.

I hate ticks. Hate. Them.

As such, I’ve also decided when I pick up my rooster next week, I’ll be picking up guinea chicks as well.

Guineas are loud, super annoying, and bizarre. But they also eat ticks like a kid eats candy. So we’ll have to deal.

Little by little our homestead is changing over time. New rooster on the way, new livestock (guineas), and meat bird arrival only about two months away.

What’s next? Sheep? Goats? Pigs? Cows? Or a nap?

Probably the nap.

Hopefully (a nap time prophecy?) I’ll figure out what the future of this blog is supposed to be. General Mind Mumbles? Homesteading adventures only? Something different entirely? I’m just not sure.

At any rate, it’s time for me to take a puppy outside to potty, and to resume tick-watch-2021.

Until next time.

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