Little Apartment On The Prairie: An Update

Apartment on the Prairie

Last week, I shared my radical decision to bid my personal Facebook farewell. I received mixed feedback. Half of you seemed excited and even inspired to exercise your own social media discipline. Half of you were questioning my decision, and possibly even my sanity.

I hope I made it clear in my initial post, but I will reiterate here: this is a decision I made for me personally and I’m not promoting or insisting it as a way of life for anyone other than Val Kleppen. If you feel so inclined to do something similar, I applaud you! If you don’t share in my social media struggle, I also applaud you!

Now that we’ve cleared the air, I’d like to share what I’ve been up to since I’ve stopped scrolling news feeds.

I mended a shirt. A button had come off in the wash weeks and weeks and weeks ago. It sat on top of the dryer, waiting to be reattached to it’s shirt. I haven’t worn the shirt, because there was protruding thread where the button should have been. I couldn’t sew the button back on, though, because… wait. Why? Because people were posting things! I sewed that button on this week, and felt like I could do anything afterward. Just call me Caroline (or “Ma”) because this chick is taking Little Apartment On The Prairie to a whole new level!

I planted flowers. I’ve been meaning to since May. With travel and summer plans, though, I just couldn’t bring myself to get to the store to get flowers to plant. I thought I’d let too much of the season go by and would have to forego it this year, but I prevailed. It turns out when you wait until the first of July to buy flowers, they’re on sale.

My favorite pot I purchased last year was worthless, though, which was disheartening. Thankfully we had one pot on hand that is working quite well. My Little Apartment On The Prairie patio garden brings me immense joy each morning as I look out our sliding glass door. I only wish I had thought sooner to buy a window-box type flowerbed, so I could grow strawberries in it on the patio. My thumb will be green before this is all over.

I’m a new mother. Truly, I am. And wife, for that matter. I’ve been more present this week than I can recall being in quite a while. I don’t want to admit that, because I don’t want you to know the depths of my suckiness as a human being, but it’s out there now. In my Facebook days (a few weeks ago), I was telling my hungry children to wait for a snack so I could catch up on the things people were posting and sharing. Now, I feed my kids. When they’re hungry. It’s the most revolutionary parenting move I’ve ever made. We play more, we laugh harder, and we get more done together. It’s been pretty stellar.

And my husband, well, I talk his ear off in the evenings. He might be wishing I was staring at my phone instead, but so far, we’ve had incredibly meaningful (and entertaining) conversations. I’ve been able to steal a few more kisses from him, too. I also think he might be on board to pack up and move to Tennessee. Because… life goals. But for now, we’re still very much living in our Little Apartment On The Prairie, and really enjoying our time spent in actual communication with one another.

I’ve been so productive I can’t even believe it. Dust? What dust? Dishes? All clean. Laundry? I folded it and put it away already. Need a meal cooked? Well… it’s summer time, and it’s too hot to turn the stove on. Kidding! I’ve been cooking, too! If our apartment lawn were wheat, I’d probably be grinding my own flour. Need something done? I can’t help you, because I’m so busy doing everything I ever neglected doing before! I make our bed every morning WITH ALL THE DECORATIVE PILLOWS! Caroline would be so proud…

Also – my phone battery lasts a lot longer, now.

So there you have it. A week in, and I can see how much I needed to break away. Is it for everyone? No. It certainly is for me, for this season right now, though. I’ve been in touch with several of you, and kind of wishing I had collected email addresses before I wiped my slate clean – but I know I very much still have the presence and prayers of my friends, and this week has felt so good. So good.

I’ve gotta run, though… the linens need pressed. (Just kidding, I’m not that awesome. Yet.)