Modern Day Ma

There’s a Travis Tritt song, Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde, and every time I see the words “modern-day”, I start singing that song. It’s a good one with a catchy beat. And I’m a big fan of Travis Tritt from way back. I digress.

Gosh, now it’s stuck in my head. Anyway!

This past weekend, we were road-tripping to the capital of North Dakota for the ND Homeschool Convention. The keynote speaker was one of our favorites, and as we’ve attended that convention over the years, the kids have made buddies they look forward to reconnecting with.

In an effort to save as much money as possible (so I could later spend it all at my favorite vendor’s booth…ahem…) I packed up coolers with snacks and as many meal components as possible.

One of the things I prepared ahead and packed was important to continue our Saturday morning tradition. I packed up sausage gravy and biscuits. As I loaded the bowl of gravy into the cooler and bagged up the fresh biscuits, I felt like a regular modern-day Ma.

Let me say how grateful I am I packed biscuits and gravy, not only for our traditional enjoyment, but because the (awful) hotel we stayed in had done away with their continental breakfast, unless you’d like yogurt, vanilla soy milk, banana, or individually wrapped, squished muffins.


As we loaded up our wagon, er, pickup, with our edible bounty inside, I really did feel a connection with ages gone by. And I was filled with gratitude.

Really, gratitude covered the weekend. Not just for biscuits and gravy, but for good friends (we had dinner with some of our dearest who live in the town the convention was held), and for God’s provision in our homeschool journey.

Our favorite speaker, Jared Dodd, did a fantastic job speaking at the convention, and we were excited to top off our book collection of those he’s authored. The workshops we attended were informative and inspiring.

Overall, once again, the convention breathed new life into our homeschool journey, into our family strength, and into our faith walk.

And the biscuits and gravy were tasty and satisfying, even reheated in a hotel microwave.

Attending a convention is definitely a perk of homeschooling. It’s one of the many ways we, as homeschooling parents, continue learning. It’s a fun time for the family, especially as the kids reconnect each year with fellow homeschooling buddies. Not to mention, it’s an opportunity to gather with like-minded families and receive encouragement in continuing to pursue an otherwise challenging way of life.

I have never once regretted attending a homeschool convention, especially with the entire family in tow.

The treat of being able to serve up homemade biscuits and gravy during our time away was also an added, blessed bonus.

So was finding a gluten-free Mennonite cookbook. (They have the best food…)

I guess after our recent bout with food poisoning, and just attempting to be as frugally resourceful as possible, being a Modern Day Ma seemed a no-brainer on our trip. We didn’t have to camp wagon-side, or throw a cast iron spider pot over a roaring fire, but providing for the family out of our own goods was rewarding nonetheless.

So I hope to encourage you. In a day and age where convenience and ease are not only favored, but expected: take courage in being a Modern Day Ma.

You can do hard things, and here’s the kicker: cooking your own meals, educating your own children, finding healthy alternatives over convenient ones – they’re not as hard as you’re led to believe.

And they’re certainly more beneficial and worth any challenge presented.

Once upon a time, I swore I would never homeschool. Once upon a time, I planned trips based on Taco Bell locations. Once upon a time, I would have avoided anyone remotely resembling the woman I am today.

And now?

Once upon a time, there was a Modern Day Ma. Her name was Val, and she considered her modern-day-ma-ness among her greatest gifts.

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