Mother’s Day

I never imagined Mother’s Day could be both celebrated and forlorn. Yet that is my Mother’s Day every year now. I have the amazing, incredible blessing of being a mother. I have three beautiful children, yet only two are with me this side of heaven. I cherish the moments that make motherhood the beautiful journey of sacrifice and struggle, and even more so the moments that make it so rewarding and downright fun. But there are moments when the heartache is heavier than expected. When the sadness covers me like a cloud. Regardless, there is no child I would trade. No family I would have other than my own. No children I would want more than the three I’ve been blessed with. Mother’s Day may not be 100% “happy”, but it is 100% worthwhile. A day not that I am celebrated, but that I get to celebrate the children I have, their father who stands by my side, and the fact that my heart is large enough to hold boundless love for these kiddos of mine. 

No matter where you find yourself on the road of motherhood, I pray you have a tender day. May you be filled with the peace that transcends from a heart filled with love. May you believe and understand only you can know how deep your roots of mothering have grown, and that no storm of life, no matter how strong, will uproot you from your motherhood. No matter the struggle, no matter the pain, no matter the reward, your mother’s heart will forever make this journey worthwhile.

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