My arms are killing me.

I am having a major case of writer’s block. I am so drained and so….whatever else (see what I mean?!)….that I just can’t compose anything beyond a third-grade reading level. So bear with me.

This weekend, Haley did amazing. She is up to breastfeeding twice a day, and taking her bottle for every feeding. Sometimes she gets worn out – but she is a little pro at this suckling thing. She still can’t swallow and breathe at the same time, but she is very, very close. She’s got this eating thing down. Also – she gained weight! Hallelujah! As of last night, she is 3 pounds 12 ounces – one pound more than she was at birth three weeks ago!

The nurses and doctors are very optimistic that she’ll be home sooner rather than later. I would imagine within the next two weeks for sure. Provided she can get her weight above four pounds, can wean herself from her isolette (regulate her temperature and stay warm enough without having a constant heated environment), and can finish her feedings – she’ll be golden. Since she has been such a rockstar, we anticipate that she’ll of course do all of those things!! And soon!!

My arms are so raw from having to scrub in every time we go see her. Raw. The soap is just eating away at my skin. I put lotion on so many times during the day, and still, my skin is about to flake away to expose my bone and muscle. That’s right – pure, solid muscle. (flexes) But the lotion burns my skin now because my arms are so chapped. Ouch.

We can’t wait to get Haley home. Not only because I won’t have to scrub with harsh soap for three minutes at a time every time I go to touch her, but because we’ll be able to establish a routine (that doesn’t involve driving across town) and just get to be parents. Parents to our adorable, cuddly, tiny baby girl.

I would love to post more pictures – but we have temporarily misplaced the camera, and therefore have not taken photos since Easter. Whoops.

Some specific prayer requests!! That Haley would gain the appropriate amount of weight, and be able to meet the doctor’s requirements in order to be discharged from the NICU. That Brent and I would have things ready for Haley’s arrival at home (the nursery, the baby laundry, that we would have all the required equipment and accessories, etc.). That Haley would remain healthy once we bring her home, and that we will be conscientious parents in keeping her that way. That we haven’t bitten off more than we can chew with hosting a Redhawk player this season. (Donnie Smith is coming back! He was our boy the first season we were a host family, and he went away, but now he’s back, and we love him – he’s like family. In fact, he has already volunteered for diaper duty. We weren’t going to host this year, but then he called….blah blah blah.) That God is glorified through this entire situation – He has worked a marvelous miracle in little Haley!!

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  1. well if donnie is coming & he's volunteered for diaper duty, then them 'game is on' & it won't be so stressful since you 'know' him and have hosted since. Many prayers going your way! – Lexie >

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