[Not] Fitting In

Being new to the area, I’ve been making an intentional effort to put ourselves out there and get to know places and people nearby. It’s no easy feat in a normal time period, but in the midst of a strange pandemic era, it’s more complicated still.

We’ve signed the kids up for AWANA on Wednesday evenings, and since we live 25 miles out of town, I thought it would also be a nice way for Hubs and I to get a consistent date night in every week.

When you work from home and homeschool, outings such as these become few and far between, so it’s nice to take advantage of trips to town and make the most out of them as possible.

Each week we can take the kids to AWANA, drop them off, and spend the next 90 minutes together taking in the sights, sounds, and social life of the area. Win-win.

The problem, as we found out on the very first night, is there isn’t much to do as far as sights or social life in winter or after 6:00 pm.

Thankfully, the following week, we were invited to the home of the pastor and his wife from the church we’ve been regularly attended and had a wonderful opportunity to visit and get to know them a little.

I took a page from one of my dearest friend’s book for this visit. Any time she would come to our home, she always brought a gift of some sort. Sometimes it was a plate of homemade goodies, sometimes it was garden produce, once it was a potted tomato plant with basil planted with it. She was never empty handed, and her gifts were always so thoughtful and practical.

I adopted this act and think we should all do this any time we go see friends. If we’re blessed with an invitation and their company, it’s nice to bless them with a little token of something thoughtful and practical in return.

As such, I thought I would take fresh eggs from our hens as our gift for being invited over and shown such hospitality. I took some yarn and tied it up cute-like around the carton, and then I took a sharpie and wrote a tag, tying it with the yarn to the egg carton.

In complete transparency, I’ve never been more proud, really. Not only was it a thoughtful gift, but it was probably the best pun I’ve ever come up with in my entire life. I snapped a quick picture to document my brilliance.

In the pickup on the ride to town, I turned to Hubs and told him, “I’ve brought fresh eggs to give them.” to which he responded with a pleasant, “Oh.” with the tone of him being glad I thought of it.

I followed up by saying, “I wrote a tag on them that says ‘From the Klep-hens’.”

His pleasantries faded at unprecedented speed and he shook his head and said, “Did you do that because you knew it would get a reaction from me?”

No, I didn’t. But the fact that he had such a reaction made it all the more entertaining for me.

Klep-hens. We are the Kleppens, our chickens laid these eggs, therefore they are the Klep-hens. It’s pure genius!

I laughed about it all night long. And this morning. I texted a few friends about it, who I knew would appreciate my stroke of genius. One of them replied I needed to make a sign for the coop.

I’m doing it. THE KLEP-HENS.

There was a polite chuckle when I handed the eggs over, and I’m sure they were not still chuckling about it after we left or still this morning like I was. But I don’t get these amazing ideas often, so when I do I have to ride the wave as long as possible.

We had a delightful visit, and Hubs and I are looking forward to finding more ways to spend our 90 minutes in town getting to know the new places and people we’ve found ourselves amongst.

And who knows? Maybe this summer you’ll find me being more involved in the community by setting up my own little “Feral Housewife” stand at the Farmer’s Market selling farm-fresh, free-range eggs for top dollar, courtesy of the Klep-hens.


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