October on the Hilltop

It’s still quite dark outside this October morning, though it’s almost 7:30 a.m. We’ve reached the point in the year where we have longer nights than days. I can tell based on how blurred the outdoor lights are, however, there is a thick fog across our landscape.

Sometimes fog feels like a blanketed hug. Other times it feels like a pillow over the face. It’s an unsettling experience to not be able to see further than five feet in front of you.

There have been many mornings when fog creeps in to settle over the creek in our valley, but this is our first all-encompassing fog since spring.

We’re expecting our first snow of the season overnight tomorrow, and more to come on Saturday. They’re not calling for much (the forecast went from 3″ to less than 1″), but it’s a weather event that marks the official onset of winter nonetheless. October seems early for snow, but it’s been snowing in October for millennia.

The heat has been running in the mornings, and sometimes intermittently throughout the day. Our firewood delivery will arrive next week. We’ve got plans to seal up the windows, put things away for the season, and batten down the hatches for a season of cold, wind, and snow.

Who am I kidding – wind season is year-round here.

The garden gave me garlic and green beans this year. I think I harvested two small tomatoes and a handful of tiny honeynut squashes. Hail, rabbits, and weeds made this garden season virtually impossible. We’ve got plans to move the location of the garden altogether, so I expect next year won’t be a growing year here.

Despite the garden woes, I’ve still managed to be in the kitchen canning something every week since September. Broth, meat, jelly, pie filling, fruit, soups, stews – the canner has been earning its keep once again this fall. I’ve got more canning to do still, and while I know February Val is going to be so happy October Val powered through… October Val is so very sick of canning.

There have been some amazing things happening, despite the Eyore gloom of the previous paragraphs.

I started a Bible study with my neighbors. Ladies from my road, and the woman from the post office in town have been gathering in my living room every Thursday for the past several weeks, learning more about the Bible together. It’s been wonderful and heart-warming and inspiring… and to witness the building of community right before my very eyes is something to behold. To know that my neighbors are invested in the Word AND in each other is a gift I didn’t realize I so desperately desired.

The podcast I launched in August, continually receives positive feedback, grows in downloads, and seems to be encouraging those who listen to it. Even the men who admit to having listened to an episode or two have commented to me how much they enjoyed it.

The guests so far have been moms personally known to me. Their stories are unique and engaging, and every episode solidifies the idea the Lord gave me when this all started: Everyone has a story to share. They just need the invitation and the platform to share it.

We’re wrapping up week 12 of homeschooling already. One-third of the year is complete by the end of October! I can’t believe that. This is the furthest we’ve gone without unraveling and needing a reset. Ha! We took a week’s break in early October, but otherwise have stayed with the routine since August. This in itself is a big, thick tally mark in the achievement column of our life.

And now the kids are up and the breakfast beckons to be served. It looks like the fog is lifting outside as well. Seems like a good day to have a good day.

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  1. We are having a gorgeous warm (78 degrees!) day here in the Shenandoah Valley, VA. The leaves are radiant with color and the sky was a beautiful pink and blue as I headed to my garden in my pajamas with coffee cup in hand to gather spinach and kale for my smoothie. When I came back upstairs my husband said, “did you see the Mind Mumbles today?” I had not! And was thrilled to read your post! Thank you for writing one!! And look forward to more in the future 😉

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