One Year Here

One year ago, we woke up after spending the night with some friends from church. We had donuts for breakfast, said our goodbyes, and loaded up into the vehicles. Hubs drove the U-Haul towing our car, I drove our pickup towing another U-Haul trailer.

Our family, our stuff, and our hopes and dreams set off for a new adventure in South Dakota.

After nearly six hours on the road, we arrived at our new home for the final walkthrough. We parked the U-Hauls and headed in to town for the closing. Within minutes, we were homeowners in South Dakota.

It was crazy to think of the events that happened to have the result be us moving to a new state. And to have my family move to the same area as well.

To think that Hubs would have his ideal job, and his dream work-from-home situation line up.

To think we’d have the opportunity to start a homestead from scratch, to do what we want the best way we know how.

From having zero intention of moving to finding our hilltop homestead, it all happened. And now, we celebrate one entire year here.

We celebrate a year with this view.

We’re celebrating a year living closer to family.

We celebrate the expansion of our chicken rearing (and introduction of guinea raising). Yes, even though it means we have also expanded our “live fertilizer” program…

We’re celebrating a year of finding and forming new relationships, with new people, in new settings.

We celebrate the divine path the Lord led us on to get us to this point. We celebrate the fact He loves and cares for us, despite all our shortfalls.

We’re celebrating one year here, and we thank the One who made it so.

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