Our 30-Day Faith Detox Journey: Days 19 – 24

Our 30-Day Faith Detox Journey-

You know the drill:

Day 19:

Oh my word. There are two cups of strawberries, one cup of grapes, and 1/4 of a beet in this smoothie. Guess what I can taste? I’m having a hard time getting it down this morning. And I was so looking forward to moving on to red foods. Also, BIG DRUMROLL, I was down 2/10ths of a pound this morning. Skinny calves and apparently my big toes are a little lighter with that record of a loss…

Back to the salad for lunch, and it was pretty tasty. Berries on salad make all the difference. I am looking forward to stir-fry days, though.

Today’s devotional made me cry, though I couldn’t pinpoint why. There was a poem and I started crying halfway through it. I may not be sure exactly why it triggered a strong emotional response, but God knows – and I believe He freed me from it in that moment.

Another eat and run fried rice dinner tonight, as I have a painting party again. I will be glad to have more than brown rice or quinoa as a main course option soon.

Oh my word, they had pizza and breadsticks and s’mores brownies at the party tonight. Pizza. They had pizza. They all had pizza and I sat there and imagined how great it tasted. And I drank my water.

Day 20:

I was down another pound this morning which brings the grand total to 9 and 2/10 pounds lost. Brent is holding steady at 15, though I imagine not for long.

I put a little less beet and a little more berries in the smoothie this morning and it went down a lot faster. After it was gone, I thought I’d make myself a piece of toast with jelly. Then I wondered why I thought that. I haven’t had bread in 20 days, why would I suddenly think I could make a piece of toast? Old habits die hard – but it feels like mine aren’t dying at all.

I am only ever eating salad with spinach and raspberries as part of it from now on. Oh my goodness. So delicious. Today I did avocado, apple, strawberry, onion, raspberry, and radishes on a bed of spinach, drizzled with an extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing. Um, yes, please!

Had some surprise visitors stop by today, but whipped up some brown rice with onion and broccoli and was on my way to another painting party.

Day 21:

Oh mylanta. Please let me have this smoothie every morning. This is the breakfast of champions right here, and it only took 21 days to experience it. Can I drink this smoothie for the remainder of my life?? Cherries, strawberries, apple, chocolate….drool…..

Oh and good news! The other 8/10ths of a pound disappeared, so I’ve lost a total of 10! I’m gonna kick tail in exercising so I can keep up with Brent. He has a five-pound lead, but he’ll skyrocket once we start working out, which is the plan starting dark and early tomorrow morning.

The juice I made today was my favorite so far. Grapefruit, raspberries, grapes, and apple. YUM.

Stir fry – my favorite. I am now convinced you can throw anything in stir fry and it will taste good. Brent was commenting how much better it would taste with beef. Oh beef – we’ve gone 21 days without you. Or coffee. Or pizza. 21 days!

Dinner was sauteed radishes, asparagus, and our favorite friend – chicken. It was pretty good. I see a lot of chicken and vegetable dinners in our future. And Trim Healthy Mama pizza. Which I plan to make for lunch AND dinner on March 2nd. And every day for the rest of my life. When we don’t have chicken and vegetables, that is.

Day 22:

We woke up at 5:30 this morning to exercise. I nearly passed out twice, I started sweating right away, and I could’ve gone back to sleep when it was over. Laura, the author of #30dayfaithdetox says not to wait to start moving, but to get going right away. I waited 22 days. And I almost died.

Thank heavens we got to have the chocolate cherry circulation smoothie for breakfast again. And it’s snowing outside, so I just might go lay on the lawn for a little bit and ice up some.

Juice was good, but I was so tired when it was time to drink it. Daggum exercise. Lunch was fantastic, as usual, and I’ll be eating stir fry much more in the future, I’m sure.

Dinner was somewhat of a cheat – not so much a cheat, I guess. But we had brown rice with fried egg in it. No veggies. Today was so emotional after Officer Moszer’s funeral, combined with my feeling overcome at times this week over Harlynn’s death almost three years ago, now. I couldn’t muster up to chop a single more vegetable today. So I made rice with egg, and we ate it quietly tonight. We’re so sad this happened, and that Officer Moszer had to die, especially as he was protecting others in the process. We’re also so thankful we live in a community that rallies in support as it does. Though the sorrow may last through the night, joy comes in the morning. Thank you, Lord, we have joy to look forward to every day.

Day 23:

Brent is down 16 pounds, and I’m holding steady at 10.

The smoothie this morning wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t as good as the one on Day 21 and 22. I took mine with me as I drove to meet a friend this morning and finished it on the way. I am not a fan of kale (save for the super crispy kale chips you can’t even tell you’re eating), but most everything else in the smoothie covered its appearance this morning, so it was good. And good for me.

Soup today for lunch. I only have to make soup one more time after this, and I’m so thankful. It was different today, though, in that I ladled half of it into the blender and gave it a whirl and added it to the pot again, in an effort to cream it some and give it some texture other than veggies and broth. I also added a few shakes of pepper, and in addition to the onion, radishes, and red pepper, set my mouth on fire.

Parent/teacher conference tonight – so we had late dinner of asparagus and brown rice. Brent said it was the best asparagus ever. I agreed.

Day 24:

Overslept today, and woke up with Little Miss came in to tell us it was time to get up. Whoops. A bit rushed this morning, but got the smoothie made. It’s not my favorite, but it’s not bad. I realized today, we only have three smoothies left. Six more days!! What am I going to do without having to make a smoothie every morning?

Really evaluating how I feel with this detox. I’m frustrated that I still long for the same old foods. Pizza. Burgers. Hoping I can create some delicious tasting knock-offs that will be kinder to my health and waistline. Overall, with the exception of the last couple nights, I’ve been sleeping better. I’ve noticed a shift in attitude and mood for sure. I’m not always roses, but it has been better than prior to the detox. I haven’t felt sick in a month, so that’s something noteworthy. I haven’t hit that “wall” in the afternoon, and I have plenty of energy all the day through. And…I’m proud of myself for essentially living on fruits and vegetables for almost a month. That’s not something I could have ever said about a single day, let alone any amount of time prior to this.

Dinner was brown rice, and strawberries and grapes. Then Little Man and I went to the grocery store and he was the best child he has ever been for me. We had a lovely time! Gearing up for tomorrow – a new day, and a new – and our final – color food series.

Six more days. Then….coffee.