Our 30-Day Faith Detox Journey: Days 25 – 30

Our 30-Day Faith Detox Journey

Al. Most. Done.

Day 25:

Yoga this morning. I was totally ready this time. But had to sit down a lot.

Lots of citrus and veggies in the smoothie this morning, but it was sweeter than I thought it would be. Thankfully.

Had salad with bell pepper, halo orange, carrot, avocado, broccoli for lunch. I messaged Brent and told him I wish this was the 24-day detox. He wasn’t impressed with my lament.

Left in the middle of lunch to go to the hospital to be with a newly bereaved family. Their world just crumbled in an instant and life will never be the same for them. Sometimes the only prayer I know how to pray in those times is for Jesus to come and take the world away, and all the sorrow with it. This is a family who has experienced tragedy after tragedy already – I was devastated when I heard the news today. Please, Lord…

Had Brussels sprouts for the first time tonight. That was interesting. Brent thought they were really good. I thought they were tolerable. I roasted them with olive oil, Himalayan salt, and garlic powder. Served up with our usual brown rice. And I don’t think there’s enough brown rice left to make a full serving for dinner tomorrow. I hope Brent is okay with another night of quinoa…

Day 26:

I forgot the carrot in Brent’s smoothie this morning. Whoops. I was sure to remember it in mine, though.

My heart is still so heavy for the family who lost their baby boy yesterday. Every time it happens, I can’t believe this is the world we’re living in. Where babies die. How long will we wait for no more tears, no more sorrow, Lord? I pray for comfort in any and every form for this family. For all families who are on this road. I pray for peace. I pray for hope. I pray they’re allowed to grieve messy, and love deeply.

I ate two halo oranges for lunch because I got caught up playing with Little Man, and I wasn’t exactly hungry. I think I’ll make one of the allowed shakes for my afternoon snack.

Oh my goodness. I made the carrot cake shake and it was like drinking liquid cinnamon. I am now a fire-breathing dragon.

Dinner was quinoa with garbanzo beans (Brent hates both), roasted Brussels sprouts, and chicken. I love chicken. Have I mentioned I love chicken?

They had oranges at the painting party tonight! I could have a snack, which was nice since I forgot my water. Four more days, not that I’m counting…

Day 27:

Brent is down 18 pounds, and I’m holding steady at 10. The orange foods and the concentrated acid in the citrus are doing a great job of…detoxing me. Mercy.

The smoothie this morning was fantastic. Banana, peanut butter, coffee beans (Praise Jesus) and raw egg.

Juice was a papaya, orange, tangelo, and halo. It was good. Papaya is juicy but has almost no flavor when mixed with the others.

We did yoga again today. That’s three days this week. Felt good today! I was a sweaty mess. I did see spots a couple of times, but I didn’t nearly black out. Woo, look at me go!

STIR FRY DAY!! These are my favorite. Carrots, garlic, orange pepper, green pepper, cabbage. Oh stir fry, how you make this detox delicious.

The weather was gorgeous, so we went to the park. I pulled Little Man in the wagon, and Little Miss rode her bike while Daddy kept up with her. On the way home, I even ran alongside Little Miss a few times to get her to race me. Who am I?!

Dinner was brown rice and asparagus. It’s so simple but so filling. And now it seems so normal. Which is so weird. So.

Day 28:

Oh smoothie – you were delicious again. We will be making you repeatedly. The juice…papaya is a little sludgy. I was making faces trying not to chew it when we drank it at church this morning. The faces didn’t go unnoticed and a friend on worship team called me out while they were rehearsing.

Lunch was stir fry, my favorite. I almost forgot the cabbage today, though. That would’ve been such a detox tragedy.

I feel great today. I think it was a mistake to wait to incorporate the DDP Yoga. It’s not “center your inner self, namaste” kind of yoga. It’s “I’m a wrestler and you’re gonna wrestle the air and sweat till you bleed” kind of yoga. I like it. I wish we would’ve started exercising sooner.

Dinner was the same as last night. I also made tomorrow’s soup so Brent wouldn’t have to come home for lunch, and I dropped the Himalayan salt grinder into the soup. That was awesome. (sigh)

Day 29:

Brent told me he was proud of me because of yoga this morning. I didn’t pass out, but came close. They get up too fast! Going from down to up makes me woozy. I saw spots, but my husband saw stars looking at me. 🙂

Smoothie this morning was pretty good!! Glad to end the detox on a high note with the smoothies.

Soup….ugh. We meet again. After tomorrow, I’m not going to eat soup for a very long time. I wish I could end on stir-fry. This is the most bizarre soup yet. Sweet potato, cabbage, broccoli, orange bell pepper, carrots, celery. It tastes like I’m trying to turn Thanksgiving treats into soup. At least it doesn’t taste like a Himalayan salt grinder.

Switched up dinner a little tonight. Cut up celery, carrots, and chicken into tiny bites, and added to the rice for a chicken-pot-pie feel. It was pretty tasty. We have so much quinoa left over still, but we’re so sick of it. Rice is more palatable, but we probably won’t be having it much after this detox, either.

Day 30:

This is it. This is the last day of our detox. And I want anything other than that soup for lunch today. Lord, help me.

Smoothie was the same as yesterday. Not the best, but not at all the worst.

I couldn’t have soup again for lunch. I just couldn’t. I made the smoothie from two days ago and had it instead. And I loved it. So congratulations to my husband who “wins” for having everything as prescribed.

Hubs and I will do a verbal recap and answer some of your questions about our detox journey, and maybe crack a joke or two. I’m not saying they’ll be funny, I’m just saying they might slip in. Stay tuned – I hope to record and post it soon.

Tomorrow we start our Trim Healthy Mama journey, and thank goodness Costco had almost everything I needed for the days ahead. I cannot wait to start my day with my cinnamon muffin in a mug! Or to end my day with PIZZA!

And thank you – for partnering with us in encouragement along the way. Some of your comments were the little boost I needed for the day. All the feels.