Our Plates Runneth Over

Once again, I’m sitting here in awe of how well we’ve eaten this past month.

I started this self-imposed pantry challenge out of fear and uncertainty for what was going to happen with our finances as a result of our well overflowing (that’s not a metaphor, it’s really overflowing with water…) but the Lord has shown me finances and material issues are not as big of deals as we tend to make them.

Sunday (10/27) we only had to reheat food, as I had prepared everything the day before.

Breakfast was mufflettes again – by request! The kids loved these so much they asked if we could please have them again. It’s the same breakfast I make by scrambling it together in a pan, but somehow they think it’s “AMAZING” when I bake it in a muffin tin instead.

(Though I had slightly overcooked them this time – and they weren’t as favorable. I’ll have to be more careful next time.)

Lunch was a mish-mash of whatever we could grab easily. Leftovers, apples, nuts, cheese – total free for all, or delicatessen as all the kids are calling it…

Dinner. was. so. good! I made chicken pot pie in my first-ever homemade crust. The crust was a simple recipe of flour, salt, lard, and water. I had rendered the lard myself and wow, did it ever make for a delicious, flaky pie crust!

The filling was completely homegrown, save for the carrot I diced. The chicken was raised and processed ourselves and the zucchini, garlic, onion, and celery all came from our garden.

The sauce I used was a simple gravy of thickened chicken broth (made from our meat birds). It was the most emotionally gratifying chicken pot pie I’ve ever made, if such a thing can be counted.

Monday started with the realities of winter. We woke up to temperatures in the 20s, and thankfully Hubs had a pot of coffee already waiting for me when I hauled myself out of our toasty warm bed.

Breakfast was different for everyone. Little Miss wanted a leftover biscuit and only a few bites of bacon. Little Man had the last of the mufflettes and an additional slice of bacon. I had breakfast burritos with bacon and scrambled eggs topped with shredded cheese and wrapped in a warmed homemade tortilla. I could live on those.

Lunch was as much to feed us as it was to stave off the outside chill in the air. We had leftover pot pie, pickles, and pears, depending on one’s palate.

After rushing home from afternoon activities with minutes to spare before running off to an evening activity, I threw together some scramble for dinner – bacon, eggs, and shredded cheese. We finished off the last of the biscuits with it and ran to our next event.

Tuesday was another hot breakfast of eggs and bacon. I really need to be more conservative with the bacon, because I want what we have to last a while.

For lunch the kids had their leftovers, as I put more apples into the juicer for some juice to put in the canner. I ate more yogurt and collagen powder and used up the last of the leftover roast beef for a BBQ beef sandwich.

Dinner was more tacoooooooooos. I could have homemade tortillas with every meal, and this is a problem. But for now, I’ll enjoy them on our Taco Tuesdays.

For breakfast Wednesday I threw caution to the wind and made more bacon before I remembered bacon would also be part of dinner… so much for me conserving bacon.

Lunch was another free-for-all. Little Miss had the last of the pot pie, Little Man had his current favorite of peanut butter & honey sandwich, and I had leftover chicken and fried rice.

For dinner, since the kids had AWANA again, we had grilled turkey, bacon, and cheese sandwiches. Each person got one piece of bacon, because I seriously need to slow down on its use. It’s just so good… Also, the sandwiches were amazing.

Hubs had two fried eggs for his “sandwich bread”, and had his turkey, cheese, and bacon between them. Earlier in the day I had baked fresh loaves of traditional sandwich bread, and the kids were quite appreciative and enjoyed their meal.

Thursday morning, we had the usual eggs and bacon because I apparently can’t care about saving bacon this week.

Lunch was sandwiches because now my children are homemade bread snobs and want to eat it at every possible chance.

Dinner was crabby patties (tuna, egg, seasonings, fried up in patties) with rice and sautéed zucchini, and might I add, it was delicious. So were the 3-ingredient oatmeal cookies we had for dessert.

I also, thankfully, found time to can 13 pints of chicken bone broth, and that always makes me giddy.

Friday, since I had the oats out the night before for cookies, I had made apple cinnamon overnight oats. I’m trying to get the kids to like real oatmeal that isn’t Quaker Maple & Brown Sugar. It’s proving to be a challenge, but I will persevere. (For the record, I loved it, Little miss thought it was only okay and cried when I told her to finish it, and Little Man acted like I was poisoning him.)

Lunch was grilled cheese sandwiches on homemade bread, and we were all better for it. It was the only meal all day the kids didn’t throw a fuss about.

For dinner, we had a “hash” I made up: ham, shredded zucchini, diced tomatoes, I heated up the last of my home-canned navy beans to serve alongside, and baked up some fresh biscuits as well.

The beans and ham hash together were delicious. I’m the only one who likes beans, and the hash wasn’t great by itself, so this probably won’t be a repeat meal.

Saturday morning I made scrambled eggs and we got to work on our full agenda for the day.

Lunch was leftover hash and beans for me, eggs and bacon for Hubs, and the kids opted for sandwiches.

For dinner I made Little Man’s and my favorite soup: cheesy potato. We added some browned hamburger for a cheesy, meaty, potato-y combination, because those are always the best.

But Val, I thought your Hubs was avoiding abundance of carbs, and that’s basically what this entire meal is? Relax. Some of the ground beef was used to make him a burger patty with cheese, sandwiched between two fried eggs. But thank you for looking out for him.

I spent most of the evening Friday and morning Saturday baking, and you’ll find out why in the next post. Things are funny the way they work out, and I’ve no doubt God has an incredible sense of humor…

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