Bit by the Pantry Bug

Friday night, I got bit by a bug.

The Pantry (organization) bug.

I started by reorganizing what I call our “appliance pantry”; a closet off the dining room that houses our small appliances and canning pots.

It only took a few minutes, but it made a significant difference in the ease of use to retrieve what we need at any given time.

After that was finished, I thought I would move to the food pantry. After about 45 minutes, Ms. Dolly was apparently in desperate need of attention. I had to call it quits and spend some time playing with and wearing her out instead.

Saturday, however, I got right back to work. Well, got to work doing other things. I made our biscuits and gravy breakfast, took care of the guinea keets and rooster chicks, did the other chicken chores, and also made homemade tortillas using corn masa flour (game. changer.) for our taco lunch.

I also put my clean clothes away, which is the worst chore on earth and something I’ve hated doing [and craftily avoid] my entire life. Call the Enquirer.

I made a rice-krispy like treat, but instead of the highly processed name brand cereal, I used Kamut wheat puffs I ordered from Azure. Might I just say, they turned out amazing and I prefer them to the other!

Mid morning, in between doing the other things on my to-do list, I started back at the food pantry organization. By mid-afternoon I finally had it mostly completed. It took a very long time, a lot more brain energy than I anticipated, and as I was doing it I realized: this is a continual task.

We have a rotating pantry, meaning, we use what we store. We’re taking things out to use it and putting new things back as we shop or as we can. This pantry will never look the same, never stay the same, never house the same amount of (or perhaps even the same kind of) inventory. It’s constantly in use.

Which means things routinely need to be moved around, changed, reorganized.

This was a major overhaul project, though, because since we moved here, we mostly threw things up on shelves as we unpacked them (from moving boxes or Azure orders or grocery trips), so there was a mishmash or even a lack of rhyme and reason.

Now, however, there is a much better flow and having things organized on the pantry shelves not only makes the pantry look nicer, but it also feels bigger!

Once the pantry was completed, I couldn’t stop there. I moved on to reorganizing four of our kitchen cupboards that had definitely seen better days.

After all of my work for the day was completed, I treated myself to sitting down and knitting two dishcloths, just because. Eventually, I need to get an actual project on my needles (Little Miss has been asking me for a shawl) but dishcloths are a great way to be productive without having to think too much.

While I was busy doing my projects inside, the kids were busy enjoying the outdoors and the company of Dolly. Hubs was also being amazingly productive and even built me a raised potato bed out of scrap wood!

It was absolutely beautiful weather and even for all of the productivity we had completing projects, we were able to sit outside and soak up some sun.

Every day I look out on our view and am so thankful the Lord had it in mind for us to move here. His creation is a calming, centering, comforting experience and to live right in the middle of it is something I do not take for granted.

All in all, when I have a rough day (or season) I hope to look back on days like this and remember the blessing of right now. I don’t deserve this life, but I’m exceptionally grateful to be living it.

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