Peaceful Dwelling Places

My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.

Isaiah 32:18

My Bible reading currently has me in the book of Isaiah, and reading through these prophecies while simultaneously comparing them with current events is a bit surreal. That verse in particular, though, caused a wave of surety to wash over me.

Saturday night, I was menu planning for the coming week. My nephews are spending the week with us, and rumor had it (and has since been proven), they like to eat. All day. I thought if I could plan the meals and pack them full of protein, and have snacks prepared and ready to roll, I can ward off any hangriness in the kids before it has a chance to sprout.

I went downstairs to the freezer to “shop” for meat for the meals I had planned for the first four days of their visit. I came upstairs with 20 – TWENTY – pounds of meat, and that wasn’t even for the full week. I think we’ll be okay on leftovers for a few of the meals, so maybe that 20 pounds will get us through after all – but what a wake-up call!

And I was so grateful in that moment for so many reasons. One, we had that meat available, and I can feed my family and my nephews with it.

Two, that my nephews are close enough to us to be able to spend a week in our home with their cousins.

Three, that their coming was helping us empty our freezer some, so we’ll have a little less to worry about keeping frozen during the move.

And four, that through this insanity that is 2020, the Lord has provided so much so graciously to us.

As we’re closing in on the big day (about two weeks now – oh, because I forgot to tell you, the sale of our house jumped up by three weeks – surprise!) and we have a chaos of cardboard all around us, I find myself becoming easily overwhelmed.

There’s so much to do, and still so much unknown. There’s a garage sale to have and I loathe garage sales. I would rather soak a paper-cut-covered hand in lemon juice. But that’s just me. Having less stuff to move and more cash on hand are both good things.

There are kids to feed, chickens to feed, a garden to harvest from (I’ve given up on pulling weeds), and a future to plan for in a new space… But I am content.

When we went to the new house for the inspection, there was a big storm that blew in. The wind speeds were around 38 mph, but inside that house, we would not have known it if we hadn’t looked out the windows and seen the trees bending.

There was not so much as a moan or creak or groan in the wind. The house is rock solid. Strong winds and rain and we could have been completely unaware of it all if we hadn’t noticed. After that, I call it “the fortress”. It is a secure home.

When I came across that verse in my Isaiah reading, it resonated deep within me. I’ve been praying for months the Lord would lead us to our Canaan. To our promised land. A place of renewed hope and abundance and protection. And I believe this house – this entire move – is just that.

Not only that, but for the first time in almost 16 years, I’ll be living nearby family again. All of us on my side have moved to a completely new location in the same time-frame.

The Lord has arranged it for all of us to be closer together in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.

So while I have too much to do, I’m still enjoying this time right now. My kids have been living their best life having their cousins here, and the mess and the stacks of cardboard boxes don’t seem to bother any of them.

I’m still getting work done for my clients (though it’s taking me a lot of list-checking to make sure I’m not forgetting anything). Things are still getting packed, one box at a time.

And even though we haven’t moved yet, I know the Lord has made this house, right now, today, a peaceful dwelling place for us. Without His peace, and trusting in His ways, things would be so very different.

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