Physically Fit

There is a scriptural reference about running (and finishing) the race. I have never been fond of running. In fact it is the physical activity I like the very, very least. Exercise of all tpyes has lost its appeal to me, though I know it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a desireable physique.

My brother-in-law is in the Army. He has served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and state-side, and is one humble dude. We appreciate and admire him for a lot of reasons. This past weekend, he went to Montana for his drill-duty. This was his PT weekend – where they tested physical ability and strength.

My sister just had a baby a month ago. I have yet to meet my nephew, but I will have that opportunity in just over two weeks. We talk on the phone all the time to stay connected, and I especially try to keep her occupied while her husband is away. One thing I have loved about talking to my sister on the phone is hearing baby Travis “honk” and make other various noises while my sister and I chat away.

During our most recent phone conversation, Veronica (sister) informed me she had asked Kalen what the females had to do to pass their PT exams. For push-ups, a female had to do 17 in two (2) minutes. For sit-ups, a female had to do 50 in two (2) minutes. We didn’t talk about the two mile run. (see above on how much I love running)

Mind you, my sister informed me of this at 11:00 p.m. Central time on Saturday night. I may have been slightly delusional.

“Fifty? That’s it? I can do fifty.” I said.

“Are you sure? I could only do 24.” says my sister, who JUST HAD A BABY A MONTH AGO!

I put the phone on speaker. I laid down on my living room rug in front of my picture window thinking to myself, “please don’t let the neighbors see me doing sit-ups at 11 at night, in my living room…..” I stuck my feet under the sofa and crossed my arms over my chest, turning to talk at the phone.

“Wait… I have to sit all the way up? Or are we talking crunch-style?”

“You have to have your hands intertwined behind your neck, and your chin has to go beyond your pelvis, so essentially, yes, sit all the way up.”

“Oh…….crap. I’m hosed.” It was the realization that I had to do this the old-school way, and crunches apparently were not acceptable in the military. “Okay…..time me.”

She told me when to begin and I counted out loud. I have to admit, I was off to a really good start, and when I hit 24 in under 30 seconds, I thought for sure I would make it to 50.

“Twenty……*huff puff huff puff*……five…..”

I slammed back down on the rug. “Omigosh, Veronica, this is getting painful.”

She laughed.

“Twenty……*huff puff huff puff screech*…….six…..”

I had to take a break.

Each one was harder and harder but I had to see how many I could do. I hear her say, “One minute warning, Valerie.”

Are you serious? It took me 30 seconds to do TWO sit ups?

I did three more sit ups. I got to 30. On the last sit up, it took every ounce of strength I had to get myself up. I was pulling so hard with my lower body that I moved my entire sofa forward with my feet. I collapsed. My abdominal muscles had failed. I could not even sit myself up to get off the floor. I had to roll over on to my stomach and push myself up off the floor.

She was proud of me….my sister who just had a baby a month ago and did 24.

I broke out in a sweat and was parched from my “intense” work out. I had to go to the kitchen and get a glass of ice water. Veronica told me again she was proud of me. Did I mention she just had a baby a month ago?

I took a quick peek out the window to make sure there were no neighbors standing in their windows with the quizzical “What is she doing?” look that I am all too familiar with…..the coast was clear.

Here I am two days later experiencing what my college fitness instructor labled as DOMS. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It hurts to laugh. It hurts to sit. It hurts to sit up.

I may not be fit to be a soldier in the army that defends my country, but I am fit to be a soldier for Christ. He doesn’t require me to do X amount of sit ups in X amount of time, but He does require discipline and strength in ways only He is capable of providing.

I’m so glad I found my prayer journal last week…..and I’m so glad I did more sit ups than my sister…..

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  1. Oh my word! This was hilarious!!!!

    What a wonderful writer you are.

    That’s it….. you are going in my “favorites, now. See what you did??? 😀

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