Poem For Haley

Tiny fingers
Tiny toes
Little lips
Little nose

Big bright eyes
That always shine
Delicate lashes
Long and fine

A giant smile
A toothless grin
Those slobbery gums
Drool covered chin

Your wispy hair
With reddish tint
Your high-pitched squeal
A temper hint

I love you, Haley,
From head to toe
Your tummy rolls
Your cries of woe

I love our mornings
I love our nights
I love you, Haley,
With all my might

My prayer for you
My dear sweet babe
God will give you
All He’s made

You’ll live in peace
You’ll walk in love
You’ll serve Him well
Who dwells above

I love you, Haley,
Know that its true
Mommy’s heart
is full for you!

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