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I have experienced God several times in my life. I have never witnessed or experienced a miracle on this level, however. Just when you think you have God all figured out (and why do we do that to ourselves, by the way?) He comes back with this powerful, majestic intervention that we cannot begin to fathom or understand. Haley is that miracle!

Yesterday she was back under the billy lights but was also consuming 1 1/2 mls (milliliters) of food every three hours. This was a big step considering the concern they had previously. Brent and I went to give her a bath last night and Grampa and Gramma (my parents) watched from the NICU window. Once again she did a fabulous job while we bathed her and then went right to sleep afterwards.

This morning I had Brent call the NICU to get an update on her. They had removed her from the billy lights …. AND they had increased her food intake to 3 mls! She is so far digesting her food and not developing any sort of bowel loop. We hope she can keep it up!!

The four of us (Brent, myself, Grampa and Gramma) got ready and ate an early lunch before heading to the hospital. Today was a big day – Grampa and Gramma got to hold Haley! We swaddled her up in some awesome swaddling blankets (Thanks, Amy!) and they each took turns holding her for about 20 minutes. She was so tiny in their arms. They are completely smitten with her (honestly, who wouldn’t be?) and it was so sweet to see them be able to hold her and fawn over her. It almost brought me to tears just to see it.

I had a lot of energy today – or at least I thought I did. We went to run a couple of errands after the NICU visit and I pretty much crashed and burned right away. Brent brought me home so I could pump and then I fell asleep and took a loooong nap. When I woke up, my mom and dad treated us to dinner (Lonestar was absolutely delicious tonight!). Brent and I left and headed to give Haley her bath. I walked up to her isolette and she was sleeping. I said, “Hi Princess” and immediately she opened her eyes and looked at me. Her night nurse said, “Oh sure, she wakes up for you – she slept through her entire assessment!” It was such a precious moment. We prepped ourselves and the isolette and the bath was under way. Once again, Brent did a fantastic job, and changed her diaper like a pro! He’s such a good daddy! He held her for a while, and then I was able to do kangaroo care.

We are so crazy about this little girl, and so proud – if I can use that word – of the progress she continues to make. God has done some miraculous and amazing things, and I hope the nurses in the NICU don’t tire of me saying, “Praise God!” because really, there just isn’t anything more suitable to say.

Haley continues to improve, continues to hold a very special place in our hearts, and continues to be a living, breathing testimony to the miraculous powers of her Maker.

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