Rain Down, Lord!

There have been several spring posts where I’ve noted the greening up of the landscape around us here on the hilltop homestead. Now, though, the signs of drought are undeniable. The ground is yellow or brown in most areas. My garlic tops are brown and crispy. One of our apple trees dried up and died.

Temperatures have been abnormally hot. We’ve not had a day lower than 85 since June started. Some days have topped out beyond 100 degrees. Rain has been sparse.

That’s why Sunday morning, when I saw the sky darken, I started praying earnestly for rain.

I heard thunder and started praising God – then I found out the thunder I heard was Hubs rolling a cooler down the hallway. (#hearinglossproblems)

Eventually, however, real thunder did rumble through the sky. I saw tiny droplets of rain hit the concrete, but I prayed for more. I prayed the Lord would soak and nourish this ground, that He would bless it with His heavenly rain.

Then, it happened. For almost an hour, the storm slowly passed overhead. There was no wind and the rain alternated between softly falling and steadily falling. I praised God the entire time, and as the ground was being watered, my soul was being nourished as well.

About an hour after that storm had passed, another gentle rainstorm moved through.

We went from not having a drop of rain in the forecast to receiving two gentle, desperately needed, rainstorms in a single day.

I was walking through the house, hands raised, saying, “Thank you Lord! Rain down, Lord!” most of the afternoon.

And it’s such a wonderful illustration of our life. When our faith seems dry or parched, we just need to cry out and the Lord will sustain us. He will drench us with His mercy and blessing. He will provide for us in ways and during times we aren’t expecting.

Then, we can reach up with our hands in praise and thank Him for his grace and might.

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