Seasons on the Homestead: Winter Part II and Dreaming of Spring

It’s March now, and as the snow blows horizontally outside my window, I’m cozied up in the corner of the sofa, having just wrapped up some client work, some homeschooling, and enjoying the afternoon’s mandatory quiet time: a time for intentional rest and replenishment.

Just like winter is supposed to be – intentional rest and replenishment.

Yet so many of us are going stir-crazy to get out and do something. To dig in some dirt and feel the grass between our toes, and to experience sunlight from shortly after five a.m. until almost 10 at night.

With the both of us falling prey to the flu this January, Hubs and I have had our fair share of intentional rest. There wasn’t anything else we could do but care for one another when we had taken turns being ill.

February brought some hard news and some blizzard-battled road trips, and the storms – both in weather and in metaphor – just kept coming.

And while the temperatures are still dipping below zero and the snow still insists on flying, I can feel, sense, and allow myself to believe spring is coming. The birds are singing differently. The skies are changing with the position of the sun. And soon enough, this blanket of white that decorates our landscape will give way to blades of grass and bulbs of perennials we’ve all but forgotten.

This winter hasn’t been the season of “productive” rest I hoped for, but it’s been a season of hard, necessary reflection and adjusting.

The rhubarb still waits in the freezer to be turned into syrup. The beef bones are still waiting their turn to transform into broth. The seeds are still waiting to be started in order to get a head start on our short growing season. Some seeds are even still waiting to be ordered.

And gracious me… our CPA is still waiting for our tax paperwork…

But with the daunting responsibility of what remains to be done, there is a fresh drive, fresh motivation, fresh inspiration to complete it well. And soon.

March and early April mark a maddening season – where spring is all one wants and yet only a taste or two of it are given before winter comes back to stay. Last year took especially long for spring to arrive, and fall came exceptionally early. This year we’re hoping those timetables switch seasons, spring comes early, and fall takes its time in getting here.

The fact remains, though, it’s still winter now, and will be officially on the calendar for a couple more weeks. It’s easy to look forward to the coming warmth and promise of a new season, but it’s important not to overlook the relevance and importance of the season you’re in right now, today.

Whatever your winter is, whatever spring you’re hoping for, remember to rest intentionally. As bitterly cold and as blizzard-ridden as this winter has been outside, and as brutal a toll as its taken on us personally, I won’t wish it away. It has its purpose, and I’ve come to appreciate it.

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